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Fix duplicate annotations

Re-update Scala version

So it works again with Java 10.

Use robust version check

The string comparison broke as soon as we updated the version to 4.10.

Leave build init groovy version on 2.4

There is no spock support for Groovy 2.5, yet:

Publish 4.9-20180625125646+0000

Clean accepted API changes

Update released version to latest snapshot

Update library versions in build init to latest for 4.10

Clean release notes and welcome message for 4.10

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Update version to 4.10

Update wrapper to latest nightly

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Disable more tests on Java 7


On June 24th, forced all clients to used TLSv1.2, whose cipher

algorithms are not fully supported by JDK7. This commit disabled these

affected tests on Java 7.

Disable some tests on Java 7 to avoid ssl handshake failure


On June 24th, forced all clients to used TLSv1.2, whose cipher

algorithms are not fully supported by JDK7. This commit disabled these

affected tests on Java 7.

Add a contributor to release note

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Fix typo in TestKit chapter (#5691)

Remove excluded-tests.kt

Tests excluded in excluded-tests.kt can easily be neglected. This commit moves

them to @Requires annotation on test classes.

Re-enable Play/Scala tests on Java 9+ (#5593)

Almost all Play/Scala tests were ignored on Java 9/10, which makes it lack coverage. This PR does:

- Update Scala version to Java9-compatible version according to [JDK compatibility](

- Update default Play version to latest 2.6.15, which supports Java 9/10

- Adjust corresponding samples. Previous default Play version 2.3.10 was too old (release at 2014).

- Ignored the tests which can't work on Java 9+.

- Separate Play test resources with different versions. For example, Play 2.6 uses `build.gradle` and `Play 2.4/2.5` uses `build.gradle.old`.

- Previously `AbstractMultiVersionPlayContinuousBuildIntegrationTest` didn't have `targetPlatform` configuration, which made multi-version tests meaningless

- Fix `play-logback` configuration for `2.5.18`.

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Merge pull request #5761 from gradle/wolfs/core/include-in-java-compile

Don't use `JavaCompile.include` to filter `.java` files

Fix PluginBuilder fixtures when working with SNAPSHOT versions

The MavenModule.getArtifactFile() method must be invoked after the maven metadata

file has a chance to be generated otherwise it will return a different value.

The side effect was writing the JAR to the wrong path (non-unique snapshot version

instead of unique snapshot version).

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Better tests for artifact transform scheduling (#5758)

- Simplify test code

- Make sure inputs always exist

- Test if transform runs once when consumed multiple times

- Test transforming artifacts during configuration time

Don't use `JavaCompile.include` to filter `.java` files

If we use `include`, then user provided `include` statements are

ignored, since `include` means "union".

See #5750.

Treat `` differently when dependency locking is in action

This commit adds special handling for the "latest" selector in case

dependency locking is used. This is technically a workaround so that

the expectation from a user point of view matches the principle of

least surprise. In particular, before this commit, if the --update-locks

flag was used on module A, and that module B had "" as

requested version, then we would also upgrade the version of module B,

because "" means "the latest xxx", not "the latest xxx matching

other requirements" (where other requirements = locked version).

Fixes #5531

Schedule artifact transforms early (#5657)

Schedule artifact transforms early when possible

Before this change artifact transforms were executed as late as possible, typically when snapshotting the task's input that would consume them. With this change artifact transforms are scheduled like tasks whenever possible, and are executed as soon as all their dependencies are built.

The execution engine now understands three different kinds of "work":

- tasks in the current build (this is the most typical type of work)

- tasks from another included build referenced from the current build

- artifact transforms discovered via task inputs

There are two kinds of artifact transforms that are not executed alongside tasks after this change:

- transforms that never appear in a task's (or another transform's) inputs

- transforms that transform file dependencies

These cases are handled as before, i.e. the transforms are executed when they are consumed.

Some types have been introduced to cover the new concepts of work and transforms wrt building the graph of work. Several existing types are still have "task" in their names even though they now work with more than just tasks. These should be renamed/refactored in follow-up PRs.

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Merge pull request #5414 from lukeu/lukeu/ide/eclipse-project-whenMerged-in-buildship

Lukeu/ide/eclipse project when merged in buildship

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Fix resolution failure not propagated to build operation

This commit fixes the resolution result errors not being set on the

build operation type, which was a regression from 4.8. The reason is

that failures are thrown lazily, when the resolution result is used,

rather than eagerly. However, we *do* know if consuming the result

would fail, we just have to capture that information before.

Fix AbstractCopyTaskContractTest (#5753)

Prior to this commit the tests ("features" in Spock lingo) in this class

did were not recognized as such by Spock because they did not use any

blocks like `given`, `when`, `then` etc.

Enable --debug log level to debug flaky tests


Enable --debug to catch more log in the future

Support snapshot plugin versions

Using snapshot plugins previously ended up in a blocking error

with a "Plugin Repositories (snapshot plugin versions are not

supported)" message.

With this commit, it is now possible to use snapshot plugins like:

plugins {

id 'org.springframework.boot' version '2.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT'


Fix #3902

Signed-off-by: Sebastien Deleuze <>