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Let Kotlin DSL IJ script resolver pass environment variables

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #9363 from gradle/lacasseio/native/model-dsl

Add DSL reference for C++ components and IDE tasks

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Fix artifact transforms title in DSL doc

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Merge pull request #9358 from gradle/lacasseio/native/remove-old-cpp-docs

Remove old documentation about the new C++ plugins

Add a redirect page for the old documentations

Bump ci-health plugin to 0.64

Show detailed executions for performance test (#9014)

This fixes

We want to see the detailed execution information (i.e. fluctuations, stablities) in the graph. This PR extracts the code in flakiness report and applies them to normal performance scenario graph.

Publish 5.4.1-20190514013143+0000

Publish 5.4.1-20190513010033+0000

Move possibly breaking details to upgrade guide

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Merge branch 'upgrade_jacoco' of

Set the minimum version of worker API performance tests to 4.0

Relax what we check for in the daemon health stats unit test

Fix module type of kotlin-compiler-embeddable subproject

Publish 5.4.1-20190512010029+0000

Publish 5.4.1-20190511010055+0000

Use JaCoCo 0.8.4 by default

Signed-off-by: Evgeny Mandrikov <>

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Publish 5.4.1-20190510010031+0000

Publish 5.4.1-20190509010024+0000

Publish 5.4.1-20190508010031+0000

Publish 5.4.1-20190507010027+0000

Remove old documentation about the new C++ plugins

Rebaseline failing performance tests to latest nightly

Merge pull request #9121 from rpalcolea/IvyDescriptorFileGenerator/revConstraint-support

IvyDescriptorFileGenerator: add revConstraint if using resolved dependencies

Recognise contribution

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Merge pull request #9348 from martinda/issue-3834

Merge improvement on error message for invalid Maven coordinates

Publish 5.4.1-20190506010034+0000

Fix failing test

Publish 5.4.1-20190505010037+0000

Publish 5.4.1-20190504010038+0000