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Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Bump timeout waiting for PlayFramework error page

Publish 5.5-20190528020807+0000

Refine `BeanCodec`

- Reuse `writeClass`

Merge pull request #9478 from gradle/lptr/snapshotting/code-cleanup

Simplify fingerprinter type hierarchy

Publish 5.5-20190527013009+0000

Increase IO buffer sizes from 1024/2048 to 8192


Publish 5.5-20190526014120+0000

Merge pull request #9466 from gradle/dd/maven-publish/detect-duplicate-publications

Fail if different publications are published to the same repository coordinates

Test publishing to multiple repositories

Merge pull request #9545 from gradle/bamboo/ie/polish

Refine instant execution serialization file structure

Add more coverage for duplicate checking with `ivy-publish`

Remove duplicate, ignored test

Rename `ReadContext.{taskClassLoader => classLoader}`

Move context implementations to separate file

Move data class `Binding` closer to `Codecs`

`Binding` is an implementation detail of `Codecs`.

Merge pull request #9512 from gradle/bamboo/master/instant-execution/protocols

Restructure Task state serialization code

Publish 5.5-20190525024517+0000

Move `StateSerialization` to `serialization.codecs` as `Codecs`

Merge branch 'master' into bamboo/master/instant-execution/protocols

Move serialization specific types to `serialization` subpackage

And move codecs to `serialization.codecs` subpackage.

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Publish 5.5-20190524182809+0000

Merge branch 'master' into bamboo/master/instant-execution/protocols

Introduce `Codec<T>` and remove hard-coded serialization tags

move deprecations from release notes to upgrade guide

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Move deprecations to upgrade guide

Update to ci-health plugin to 0.67

Revert "Correct the rerun property"

Correct the rerun property

Lock in performance improvements

Update ci-health to 0.66

Added more detail to the discussion of runtime classpath normalization.

Address review feedback for transforms API docs

Even more recent fixes

Include even more fixes on master

Include more fixes on master

Re-enable gradle help performance test

Move deprecations to upgrade guide

Release notes now points to the upgrade guide for all deprecations,

potential breaking changes and breaking changes.

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Update to ci-health plugin to 0.67

Update to ci-health plugin to 0.67

Revert "Correct the rerun property"

This reverts commit 1f1d91b3d54cdae05dd35ffad40b9fad786e624b.