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Refine confusing words in Kotlin DSL primer

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Define metadata sources and content filter for distributions repository

The repository contains only zips and no additonal metadata.

Update wrapper to latest nightly

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Remove outdated UsedByScanPluginˆ

Publish 5.6-20190813230209+0000

Merge pull request #10251 from gradle/bamboo/ie/fix-reuse-ClassLoaders-test

Move ClassLoader caching test to `PersistentBuildProcessIntegrationTest` subtype

Fix version string

Rebaseline JavaIDEModelPerformanceTest

Both `get IDE model on largeJavaMultiProject for {IDEA,Eclipse}` seem

to have regressed by about 2-3%.

See gradle/gradle-private#2584

Merge pull request #10238 from gradle/lptr/execution/use-deleter-take-2

Use Deleter to remove output in a number of more cases

Merge pull request #10266 from gradle/wolfs/report-smoke-tests-on-github

Publish Github status for non-functional test builds

Re-instantiate constructor used by idea-ext

Publish 5.6-20190812230024+0000

Publish Github status for non-functional test builds

All those are sufficiently interesting to show as Github check.

Rebaseline clean assembleDebug on santaTrackerAndroidBuild with clean transforms cache

Seems like a regression happened between 5.7-20190806220042+0000 and


See #10255

Rebase ExcludeRuleMergingPerformanceTest

There seems to be a tiny regression that now pushed this over the

edge sporadically. Possibly related to the rebase in 949aa2c.

Merge branch 'release'

Fix santaTrackerAndroid on release

By resetting it to a state where it works with

the baseline.

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Merge pull request #10183 from rpalcolea/subgraph-version-constraints-tests

SubgraphVersionConstraintsIntegrationTest: add test for downgrade dependency when substitution rule is present

Mention contributor in release note

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Adjust test to latest changes

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Remove other removed plugins from link test

Update license file to include references to licenses

Identify license information for all dependencies

Remove chapters that were removed on master

Update build scan plugin version to 2.4

Fail properly when sync fails to delete output file

Merge pull request #10258 from gradle/wolfs/deprecations/no-outputs

Fail build when incremental task does not declare outputs

Address review feedback

Fix cleaning linked directory

Add upgrade notes

Rebase new performance test as consequence of #10191 and #10192

Merge pull request #10236 from gradle/lptr/deprecations/remove-legacy-filsystem-type

Remove legacy internal FileSystem type

Create directory when none existed

Introduce ensureEmptyDirectory() instead of cleanRecursively()