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Merge branch 'master' into eskatos/docs-kts/writing-build-scripts


Fix race condition in composite build task execution.

This change just adds a quick fix for this. A better fix that removes some complexity and makes this issue go away will be added later.

Merge pull request #6682 from gradle/lptr/core/upgrade-to-groovy-2.5


- Upgraded to Groovy 2.5.2.

This required building our own `groovy-all.jar` (see, because Groovy 2.5 stopped shipping the uber-jar and replaced it with a BOM. I tried to use the separate JARs, but it poses a number of issues, most importantly that the increased length of the classpath breaks our Windows tests. So we decided to go with repackaging Groovy. In the future it would be nice to remove the need for the repackaging, and maybe even remove some of the Groovy libs. I mean, c'mon, we ship classes from `groovy-swing`!

- Downgraded `opentest4j` to work around, introduced by an upgrade in TestNG.

- Upgraded compiler memory in IntelliJ from 2 GB to 3 GB because Groovy compilation with 2.5 seemed to slow down a lot, and produce OOMEs occasionally. With the increased amount of memory Groovy compilation is actually quite snappy.

- Replaced calls to `DateGroovyMethods` extension methods. This led to the realization that some of our timeouts mistakenly use days instead of milliseconds. We should fix these separately, added `TODO`s.

- Bumped Spock to the Groovy 2.5 variant and fixed a number of issues with our tests. Some of these issues are valid ones, others seem to indicate bugs in either the Groovy compiler or Spock. Reported the issue to Spock:

The `Specification` class added by @ldaley to fix type inference in IntelliJ doesn't work anymore unfortunately. I left the code commented out so it's easy to fix it if someone wants to.

- Groovy 2.5 adds local variable type information that needs to be remapped in our script remapper, so I added that.

- Groovy 2.5 uses the `ExtensionModule` mechanism slightly differently which necessitated the exposure of some more packages and resources from `gradleApi()` (see changes in ``)

- Replaced references to types in `com.sun.jdi` in `JDWPUtil` with reflection to work around an IntelliJ bug we hit:

- There is some weirdness wrt Tooling API progress tests where the order of events seems to have changed somewhat. See changes in `ToolingApiBuildExecutionCrossVersionSpec.groovy` and `ToolingApiModelCrossVersionSpec.groovy`.

- Stopped using Groovy JSON in `:buildSrc:binaryCompatibilityCheck` because of a classloading issue with Groovy's `FastStringUtils`.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Bump to 4.10.2 nightly

Recommend people update to 4.10.2, not base 4.10

Reset public API and baseline for comparison

Bump to 4.10.2

Fix #6750

Fix #6735

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/50/placeholders'

* origin/sg/50/placeholders:

remove TaskConfiguration by inlining all methods

Remove unnecessary method

Add since 5.0 tag

Hold a project lock when reporting on tasks in other projects

Add release notes for removed placeholder tasks

Relax ordering of plugin application operation asserts

Fix integration tests that relied on placeholder behavior

Remove placeholder tasks

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Bump to 4.10.2 nightly

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Recommend people update to 4.10.2, not base 4.10

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Publish 4.10.2-20180917175211+0000

Publish 4.10.1-20180917164803+0000

Reset public API and baseline for comparison

remove TaskConfiguration by inlining all methods

Remove unnecessary method

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/410/regressions' into release

* origin/sg/410/regressions:

Fix #6750

Fix #6735

Bump to 4.10.2

Merge branch 'release' into 'master'

Stop CodeNarc from polluting things with old Groovy

Fix message

Limit tests to embedded mode

This allows the forked or daemon mode to skip these time consuming


Remove mistakenly added method

Remove testFixtures from archives (#6782)

Remove testFixtures from archives

Merge pull request #6379 from shindouj/master

Added a nullcheck for username and an appropriate exception to avoid …

Merge branch 'master' into master

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Recognize @shindouj in release notes

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Merge pull request #6763 from gradle/oehme/flaky/task-timeouts

Fix flaky task timeout test

Don't use Groovy's JSON support

Use Gson instead to avoid classloading errors with JApiCmp plugin using the worker API in shared classloader mode.

Only expose what we need for FastStringUtils

Don't depend on Groovy as an external dependency

Rename a field to make its meaning clearer.

Fire the 'task graph ready' event for a build once only per Gradle invocation, just prior to running the first task for that build.

When a build is reused to run more tasks, for example when it is used to provide a plugin and a production dependency to some other build, do not fire the event and instead spit out a cryptic warning. A later change will attempt to make the warning clearer.