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Initial support for generating Bazel projects for perf testing

Monolithic projects generated with the test project generator

will now generate BUILD and WORKSPACE files to allow building

the generated project with Bazel. There is only one meaningful

target right now "//:assemble_all" that JARs up all sources.

Minus 1 when submit `max-workers` to thread pool (#3281)


Currently, we allow main thread (i.e. the thread which is waiting for build operation queue's completion)

to execute some work. The consequence is, the actual worker number is max-workers number +1. Since we

can't set --max-workers=0 via command line, that means the work would always be executed parallelly.

This commit only submit `max-workers`-1 threads to thread pool to avoid this issue.

* Remove @Ignore of DependencyUnresolvedModuleIntegrationTest

We fixed the possible issue with `max-workers` (see #3273),

this commit removes @Ignore in DependencyUnresolvedModuleIntegrationTest

Merge pull request #3274 from gradle/sg/native/snippets-cacheability

Fix cacheability of ExtractSnippetsTask

Merge pull request #3220 from gradle/sg/native/google-test

Add cpp-test plugin

Running :install also should set the right version

We only discovered running the install task, but not :install.

Changed the `ComponentMetadata` implementations so that artifacts are attached on construction rather than mutated just after.

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Pushed handling of attaching Ivy artifact definitions to their configuration down to the Ivy metadata classes. For Maven metadata we just shove a jar artifact into the compile scope.

Pushed handling of Ivy specific component level exclude rules down to the Ivy metadata classes.

Create the variant and dependency instances required for resolution once during parsing/deserialization and retain these instances rather than recreating them each time they are required.

Moved an inner class to top level.

Detangled the `ConfigurationMetadata` implementation used for variants extracted from the module metadata file from the implementations used for those extracted from an ivy.xml or POM.

Separated `DefaultConfigurationMetadata` into Ivy and Maven specific implementations. These implementations don't do anything different yet.

Merge pull request #3278 from gradle/eljobe/git-errors

Add a test for non-repo error message

Add new cpp-unit-test plugin and base types

Remove output directory for RunTestExecutable

- Without tracking other inputs, this task was incorrectly up-to-date sometimes.

- We will be replacing native test execution with a better Test-like task soon.

Move AbstractCppInstalledToolChainIntegrationTest so it can be used as a base class in testing-native

Update test

The error messages were changed in the previous commit.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#213

Emit clearer error messages from VersionControlSystem calls

Part of gradle/gradle-native#213

Renamed a method to hopefully better communicate its purpose, and added some Javadocs.

Use a specialized `DependencyMetadata` implementation for those dependencies extracted from the module metadata file, rather than reusing the implementation used for dependencies extracted from a POM.

Merge pull request #3271 from gradle/sg/native/binary-properties

Add new queryable properties to CppBinary

Change to an invalid address

This makes it more clear that we are not hoping to find a real

repository at the URL in question.

Part of gradle/gradle-native#213

Add a test for non-repo error message

Fixes #213

Address review comments

A disabled build option should provide a proper description (#3237)

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Ignore tests as they are still flaky

Update the compatibility baseline to latest RC

Merge branch 'release'

Update to latest RC Wrapper

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Update to latest RC Wrapper

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