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Temporarily ignore tests that fail on Windows 10

Add test for #11805 (#11806)

Add test for #11805

Add test for #11805

Make dependency verification XSD more explicit

By using `dependency-verification` in the URL and file


Merge pull request #7661 from tiguchi/fix/optional-keystore-file

Allow setting up a KeyStore without a keystore file

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Rebaseline performance tests

Allow NONE keystore property value

Reference to documentation

Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix/optional-keystore-file

Publish 6.1-20200106000035+0000

Remove some minor hot spots in scheduling and executing Worker API actions.

- Don't create JVM options for a legacy worker action until needed.

- Don't create the parameters of a legacy worker action more than once.

- Improve inference of an isolated object's parameter type.

Also restructure to decouple the different kinds of worker action specs, to allow the different specs to carry different information and also to make clearer what state a given stage of the execution pipeline expects the spec and its parameters to be in.

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Publish 6.1-20200105000033+0000

Restructure project tree construction so that the containing `ProjectState` for a project is always available, to avoid throwing and then silently ignoring an `IllegalArgumentException` for each project.

Also reuse more project construction logic and remove a bunch of duplicate ad hoc code. This change means that the `ProjectState` object now owns the mutable `Project` object, as was always the intention, rather than existing as a parallel tree. This can continue to evolve so that all access to the mutable project object is mediated by the `ProjectState` that owns it.

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Publish 6.1-20200104000020+0000

Rebaseline several scenarios

Publish 6.1-20200103000024+0000

Dependency verification: Adjust sample commands and XML

Signed-off-by: Peter Stöckli <>

Publish 6.1-20200102124445+0000

Not use mirror for EC2 builds

Change the `JavaInstallationRegistry` API to represent the installation directory using `Directory` and `Provider<Directory>` instead of `File`.

Publish 6.1-20200102000035+0000

Serialise services marked with `@BuildTree` to the instant execution cache. Mark the `JavaInstallationRegistry` implementation with this annotation so that tasks and other types that reference this service work with instant execution.

Add a `@BuildTree` annotation that can be attached to a service implementation to indicate that it is intended to be present at build tree scope.

Other annotations will be added later, and used to provide some validation and other useful things, but for now this is intended to be just enough to mark up some services to work with instant execution.

Revert some changes to artifact transform execution, as these changes introduce a performance regression.

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Rebaseline RealLifeAndroidBuildPerformanceTest


Publish 6.1-20200101000030+0000

Push parallel execution of transforms down to the transformation step, so that this happens independently of whether the tranform is executed for a scheduled node or when visiting an `ArtifactCollection` or `FileCollection` contents.

Shuffle some transform logic around.

Publish 6.1-20191231000021+0000