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Ignore test


Reproducable example

Update wrapper to latest RC

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Temporarily add back ActionBoradcaster class (deprecated)


Describe consequences of wrong inputs for build cache

+review REVIEW-6488

Ignore 3.5-rc-1 version

Previous attempt with @TargetGradleVersion(">=3.5 !3.5-rc-1") did not

work as only one condition needs to match. Currently TargetGradleVersion

does not support what we want to express here.

Ignore 3.5-rc-1 in TAPI test r35.BuildProgressCrossVersionSpec for download events during maven-publish

3.5-rc-1 contains #1641 and fails as a TAPI target

Polish build cache release notes

+review REVIEW-6486

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Merge pull request #1648 from gradle/dl-issue-1646

Do not detect Mac OS 9 new line on other system

Document lack of signing capability in maven-publish plugin

Add @LeaksFileHandles

See: gralde/gradle#1313

Reword documentation

+review REVIEW-6488

Add test for receiving maven metadata download build operation events

Fix Windows test failure

Remove unecessary semi-colon

Link to clarifying section about task inputs/outputs

+review REVIEW-6488

Clarify task inputs and outputs for caching

+review REVIEW-6488

Address review feedback for build cache userguide

+review REVIEW-6490

Add test for #1641 using the ‘maven’ plugin

Document how to set up an HTTP build cache

+review REVIEW-6490

Make sure to run test with a clean test distro directory

If the test is retried, the directory might not be empty.

Fix #1641 by not calling getCurrentOperation() explicitly

Collect less custom values

We fixed all the issues we were investigating and currently don't need

the additional custom values any more.

+review REVIEW-6482

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Fix JavaCompileTest


+review REVIEW-6489

Fix failing test and remove Mac OS 9 eol support

Allow setting the toolchain for JavaCompile

Fixes #1645

+review REVIEW-6489

Not detect Mac OS 9 new line on other system

It fix the issue gradle/gradle#1646 where Findbugs use Carriage Returns

to rewrite the current line.

Expect target Gradle version to access repository in cross-version test

Add timeout to integration tests

The tests have been seen hanging on CI.