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Fix gradle/gradle#996 using option 1

Adjust phrasing in composite builds user guide

+review REVIEW-6405

Merge branch 'unhide-unstable-features'

This includes reverts for commits to 'hide stable features' on

the release branch. Doing it this way avoids conflicts on merge.


Update `@Since 3.4`


Revert "Hide unstable features from the release"

This reverts commit c9632e1ce8b443035bfdcae772fbba41b2461a8d.


Revert "Hide more unstable methods from release"

This reverts commit 292f9d85af81d4bba04086764f6d9a7b3e776529.


Hide more unstable methods from release


Automatic convert Github issues to HTML link in the release note

Hide unstable features from the release


Fix expected output in samples

Move `configurationAttributesSchema` down to `DependencyHandler`

This commit fixes gradle/performance#251 by moving the attributes schema to the dependency handler. It's worth noting that

is also renames the configuration method from `configurationAttributesSchema` to simply `attributesSchema`.

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Use separate user home for each version under performance test

Until now, each performance test was using a separate test directory,

but the different versions under test were all using the same directory.

This meant that therer was a consistent bias depending on the order in which

the versions were executed.

Merge pull request #981 from gradle/so-fix-eclipse-file-dependencies

Fix local file dependency leak in IDE model

Merge branch 'release'

Check for password too

+review REVIEW-6404

ignore code quality samples test for java 9 to unblock ci chain

Fix performance regression in test execution

Regression was caused by removing support for class hierarchies in SerializerRegistry as worker protocol

for test execution relies on class hierarchies due to using interfaces and plain Object.class types.

Having multiple SerializerRegistry instances registered that support full class hierarchies causes trouble with

protocols using Object.class.

This was removed due to worker processes hanging when introducing new worker logging infrastructure.

- fix serialisation of test events to use custom serializer again instead of java serialisation

- fixed by explicitly setting class matching strategy in DefaultSerializerRegistry.

- remove Serializable interface from test event classes to avoid this kind of regression in the future

Fix local file dependency leak in IDE model

The IDE dependency resolver was always leaking local file

dependencies into dependent projects, even if the target

configuration was marked as transitive=false. This broke

things like EAR projects depending on a WAR project with

a local file dependency.

Remove typo in test case name

Set keep alive for scheduled executor service to 10s to reuse threads

Mention gradle/gradle#841 on the test case

Remove unused imports

Address review comments, naming and tests setup

Slightly increase memory for bigOldJava, as 3.2.1 also struggles with 512m

Reset performance test memory for large projects

Hide `configurationAttributesSchema` from public API

The API is not ready for prime time yet, so this commit makes it unusable

in practice by hiding the only way to declare the attributes schema

private. Users that will rely on this internal API would be warned.

Revert scala version to stay Java 7 compatible

Remove `getConsumerValue` from `MultipleCandidatesDetails`

This allows us to use producer schema disambiguation, in case a value is missing from the consumer.

Revert scala library version to stay Java 7 compatible

Add guava dependency back to build init library versions