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Removing an ouput line

First-class support for mapping between extension and task properties (#1452)

First-class support for mapping between extension and task properties

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Fix race condition when the same project is resolved concurrently

When using `--parallel`, it's possible that 2 different configurations being resolved have dependencies

on the same local components. In that case, they may be resolved concurrently, and a race condition

could occur where the lazy initializing `getConsumableConfigurationsHavingAttributes` method would be

called concurrently. This commit fixes this by adding `synchronized` on the method.

It's worth noting that this is not a great fix: it would be better to have a finer grained lock that

just prevents the same local component from being resolved concurrently, because we also defeat the

in-memory caches by doing this.

See: gradle/performance#502

Reconstruct also exception causes from test error output

This is required for retry rules to match correctly.

Shuffled around the API for `AttributeSchemaInternal` so that the logic that constructs various error messages uses `AttributeMatcher`, which is the same API used for selection, rather than `AttributeSelectionSchema` which is used in the internals of attribute matching.

Added more test coverage for variant selection through various APIs.

Moved some classes from 'core' to 'dependencyManagement' to live with related classes.

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Decoupled the interfaces that are used for attribute matching from the public APIs for defining the compatibility and disambiguation rules. Also changed matching so that we short-circuit evaluation of the rules when the consumer and producer values are equal, rather than doing this at the end of the chain. This means a compatibility rule cannot mark 2 equals values as incompatible, which is probably a good thing.

Simplify how artifact type disambiguation rule is registered by Java plugin.

Revert introduction of EOL handling

This change had side-effects on other OSes.

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Update wrapper to a consistent version

PR #1622

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Merge branch 'release'

Merge pull request #1622 from gradle/sw-add-wrapper-for-idea

Add a for buildSrc

Update wrapper to latest RC

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Use latest version gradle-build-tag-plugin

Make sure `requireIsolatedUserHome` is configured before jumping out

Add contributor to release notes

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Remove unnecessary new line, replace tab with space

Teach git that gradlew ought to have crlf lineendings (#1512)

gradlew batch file should use CRLF line endings

Temporarily add back ActionBoradcaster class (deprecated)


Describe consequences of wrong inputs for build cache

+review REVIEW-6488

Remember caught connection exception for retry rule matching

Simplify test code

Removes code that unsuccessfully tries to work around test fixture issue


Merge branch 'release'

Fail dependency resolution when variant selection matches more than one variant and cannot disambiguate between them. Previously, it would select the first match.


Changed attribute matching to chain the producer's rules after the consumer's rules, rather than stopping at the end of the consumer's rules. This allows the consumer to reuse the producer's rules but override certain decisions, and it allows the producer to add new values for an attribute that the consumer knows about which are compatible with the consumer value.

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Fixed merge problem.

When disambiguating multiple attribute matches, select the variant whose matching attributes are a proper superset of those of the other matches.