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Remove rc checksum

Use Gradle Enterprise plugin 3.3

Update to RC4

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Revert "Remove old entries with same port in daemon registry"

This reverts commit d32d0b7e33660dfb1a94ae9eea8238c793a4243e.

This was supposed to be done on master.

Merge pull request #12556 from gradle/blindpirate/remove-old-registry-entry

Remove old entries with same port in daemon registry

Document update of dependency cache layout

Do not create lockdir for unique lock file

The lock directory for multiple lock files was still created when using

the single lockfile. This changes the code to no longer create it in

that case.

Issue #12973

Sort configurations in single lock file

This will make sure resolution ordering or internal representation gives

a consistent output.

Fixes #12973

Work around a race condition in `DefaultConfiguration` that is exposed when visiting the task dependencies of a `Configuration` while also visiting the files of the same `Configuration` instance.

This does not fix the race condition, but simply makes it less likely to have an effect. The underlying issue can be fixed later.

Merge pull request #12963 from gradle/guylabs/ge-plugin-3.3-rc-1

Gradle Enterprise plugin 3.3-rc-1

Remove superfluous build scan configuration from init script

Use Gradle Enterprise Gradle plugin 3.3-rc-1

Revert "Use HTTP for Groovy docs temporarily"

This reverts commit 87fd55432350f0e70a2498bf643a9be319d3bb4a.

Work around an issue where a `Property` instance may have multiple threads attempting to finalize its value.

This does not fix the issue, which is that multiple threads can use the property instance at the same time. For model objects such as `Property` instances only a single thread should use the instance at any given time.

Update to RC4

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Use HTTP for Groovy docs temporarily

Copy updated precompiled script plugin samples from master

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Remove reference to sample output that does no longer exist

Fix missing quotation marks

Fixes #12916

Fix incorrect cache id comparison

Fix java modules transform sample

Update to 6.2 RC2

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Improve 'Java modules with transform' sample

Remove module version convention (#12863)

This was set to the project version by default. This breaks the cache

of a compile task even if the version is not used.

We now never set any version be default, but document how to use the

project version as the version of your Java module.


Update wrapper

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Fix memory leak in component metadata rule executor

The cross-build cache for cached component metadata rules stores

instances of realized Maven/Ivy module metadata in memory. The

problem is that those instances shouldn't have any state from

the project/Gradle build attached to them (they should be good

old POJOs) but for implementation reasons, they are not. In

particular, they keep a reference to the attributes factory,

which in turn keeps a reference to the object factory, which,

itself, will leak classloaders.

As a consequence, as more builds get executed, it was _possible_

that the cache would release some entries, but for the classloaders

to be released, it would require _all_ the entries from the same

build to be released from the cache. It turns out this event is

unlikely and as a consequence, builds end up running out of


This commit fixes the problem by making sure that at the end of

a build, we clear the in-memory cache of component metadata rules.

Therefore, cross-build, we would still read the result of the

execution of rules from the binary, on disk cache, but we would

not reuse in-memory results from previous builds.

This fix has been tested and validated by a user facing this

issue. Memory usage dropped from 11GB of memory to 1GB.

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Revert changes to internal handling of JavaExec.classpath (#12852)

This suffers from:

The revert fixes:

Merge pull request #12850 from gradle/vv/document-external-plugins-in-precompiled-plugins

Document how to apply external plugins in precompiled plugins

Document how to apply an external plugin in precompiled script plugin

Fix StackOverflowError when += is used from the Groovy DSL to add elements to a `ConfigurableFileCollection` instance.