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Fix typo

Signed-off-by: Volker Leck <>

Merge pull request #9711 from gradle/lacasseio/swift-init-templates

Add Swift application and library build init templates

Fix flaky test

Never trust `sleep` to handle your synchronization needs :).

Fix incorrect simplification of intersection of unions

The result of simplification was only correct if there was one

item not in common on both hands of the intersection.

Fixes #9718

Publish 5.5-20190617010020+0000

Use `outputContains` in the right context

Publish 5.5-20190616010042+0000

Merge pull request #9707 from gradle/sg/worker-api/classpath-inferer-2

Reconstruct user classloader for worker actions

Merge pull request #9709 from gradle/wolfs/kitchensink-project

Introduce pineapple project

Revert "Rebaseline Gradleception"

This reverts commit fc88bf5b40cf05310f0bdd9793868ad7a953a425.

This was already fixed apparently.

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Apply suggestions from code review

Co-Authored-By: Lóránt Pintér <>

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Rebaseline Gradleception

Adds support for native test fixtures

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Add file case change recognition mention to the release notes

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Fix inception build

Publish 5.5-20190615010349+0000

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Update to latest RC

Add exclude intersection normalization

Add fast exit on fast iteration

Optimize `equalsIgnoreArtifact`

Update to latest RC

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Publish 5.5-rc-3

Address code review comments

Merge pull request #9633 from gradle/dd/worker-api/task-completion

Avoid reacquiring the project lock when a worker-based task completes

Use `outputContains`

Remove links to the documentation

The documentation links will be added later.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/unused/sha256-sample'

* origin/sg/unused/sha256-sample:

Removed unused sha256 verification sample

Support and test Windows scenarios

Address review items

Add tests to use a parameter type from the build script classloader

Merge pull request #9701 from gradle/cc/dm/fix-exclude-perf

Fix exclude rule merging performance

Support Windows target machine configuration

Exclude kotlinDslPlugins from publishing

In the build file, so we don't have to rebuild everything.

Fix checkstyle