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POC: Serialization of `Named` attributes in rules

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Refactor ModuleResolveMetadata

Reorganize code in packages, move serialization related code closer to

classes to reduce need of public methods.

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

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Publish 4.9-20180702012916+0000

Promote a bunch of tooling api types and methods. There are still a number of incubating types and methods that have been added recently.

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Add a bunch of test coverage for the console and fix the work in progress display for projects in nested builds.

Merge branch 'release' into 'master'

Merge commit '86433586b40b9a0014795238734a156ed71a10ec' from release into master

Rebaseline a performance test.

Rebaseline a couple of performance tests.

Publish 4.9-20180701083801+0000

Reduce the number of hash map entries required to simplify the output event stream before it is seen by consumers.

Use some knowledge of the output event stream to reduce the number of strings that are written to the daemon client during serialization.

Fix the progress operation event stream seen by the build scan plugin so that the console output is rendered correctly in build scans.

Remove the 'parent build operation' property from `ProgressStartEvent` as this can be inferred from the other properties. Reduce the amount of mapping required to perform console output grouping and to simplify the output event stream before it is seen by any consumers.

Merge the 'short description' and 'status' properties on progress start events, to avoid the cost of tracking and serializing these separately.

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Avoid creating a bunch of small temporary arrays.

Change the console build status rendering to use the progress operation events associated with various build operations rather than injecting some additional synthetic progress events into the event stream to communicate this information. This avoids the cost of handling these additional events.

As a side benefit, the configuration phase % complete calculation now takes included builds into account.

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Fix samples tests for Java 10

Illegal access warnings get grouped, causing extra lines in the

actual samples output. Furthermore, play component report was not

properly normalized. This change adds normalization for the Java

version string.

Fix Kotlin DSL release notes links in release notes

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Merge pull request #5823 from gradle/bamboo/release/kotlin-dsl-0.18.4

Upgrade Gradle Kotlin DSL to 0.18.4

Add more improvements to release notes

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Serialization of realised ModuleComponentResolveMetadata

This enables proper caching by making sure we can save and reload cache


Fixes #5653

Upgrade Gradle Kotlin DSL to 0.18.4

Merge pull request #5810 from gradle/marc/issues/1085-use-journal-for-build-cache

Use file access time journal for build cache

Mark files accessed when storing them

Prior to this commit files were only marked accessed when loading them.

This relied on the implicit knowledge that the file's modification

timestamp was used to keep track of access. Now that we use a separate

journal we need to mark it accessed when it's created as well.

Use PathToFileResolver where possible (#5805)

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Rename to ArtifactCacheLockingManager

The name CacheLockingManager suggested it was used to manage locking of

caches in general instead of just for the artifacts cache.

Resolves gradle/gradle-private#1338.

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Merge pull request #5814 from gradle/oehme/upgrade-xerces

Upgrade vulnerable Xerces dependency