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Add logging for binary store

This is to debug #8489

Merge pull request #8693 from gradle/wolfs/build-cache/upToDateWhenFalse-no-caching

Documentat that upToDateWhen { false } disables caching

Fix issue of TeamCity recognizing OOM in build log

We had some tests outputting OOM message, which will be recognized by TeamCity

as build failure - even though these tests pass, TeamCity mark the whole build as failed.

This commit fixes the issue by text replacement.

Improve AbstractConsoleBuildResultFunctionalTest patterns

We saw a lot of flaky tests in this test class. This commit improves

the patterns to reduce the flakiness.

Attempt to avoid silent retries using ``.

Publish 5.3-20190307012429+0000

Rework test to use `BlockingHttpServer` for synchronization instead of some ad hoc mechanism. Add some trace to see what is happening during the two concurrent builds that the test starts.

Tweak diagnostic messages produced by `BlockingHttpServer`.

Improve upToDateWhen Javadoc

To clarify that upToDateWhen also has an effect on the build cache.

Test that upToDateWhen { false } disables caching

Merge pull request #8690 from gradle/lptr/idea/java-version-8-api

Don't show errors about Java 8 API usage in IntelliJ

Don't show errors about Java 8 API usage in IntelliJ

Most of Gradle now requires JDK 8, but :core unfortunately requires Java 6, yet in many places it uses Java 8 APIs. To keep things in a workable state we only let IntelliJ warn about things not available in Java 8, and rely on runtime tests to prevent Java 7/8 APIs leaking into code that must still run on Java 6.

Change `BlockingHttpServer` fixture to return a 400 response rather than 500 response when an unexpected HTTP request is received. Also improve diagnostic messages for certain kinds of failures.

Fix test failure when script is cached.

Fix failed TeamCity Kotlin DSL test

Make org.gradle.internal.plugins.portal.url.override configurable

Publish 5.3-20190306010147+0000

Upgrade tagging plugin to 0.55

Reset the release note for 5.4

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    • +21
Update wrapper to version 5.3-rc-1

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    • +1
Merge branch 'release'

Publish 5.3-rc-1

Polish release notes more

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Merge branch 'release'

Fix configurations test

Clarify behavior difference between Kotlin and Groovy scripts

Merge branch 'release'

Remove plugin portal override from command line arguments

Merge branch 'release'

Publish 5.3-20190305010422+0000