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Update project-reports plugin to lazily register tasks (#13264)

Signed-off-by: Leonid Gaiazov <>

Merge pull request #13585 from gradle/am/cc/sys-prop-cce

Fix build logic instrumentation to handle GString parameters for system property reads

Merge pull request #13584 from gradle/am/cc/dynamic-deps

Add basic support for dynamic dependency versions to the configuration cache

Fix build logic instrumentation to handle GString parameters to Java system property query methods.

Update configuration cache chapter for dynamic version resolution support.

Publish 6.5-20200624230027+0000

Merge pull request #13565 from gradle/bamboo/cc/serialization/i

Improve configuration cache support for Java serialization

Fix inconsistent resolution ordering

The fix for #12951 introduced by #12957 worked but made a number

of other bugs much more likely to happen: by using the right derivation

strategy in each project, we were properly fetching the component

metadata we wanted to process from the cache.

However, this component metadata was mutable, because of laziness.

In particular, derivation of variants require to set the derivation

strategy on "deemed immutable" metadata. The problem is that when

several configurations are resolved concurrently, we ended up mutating

the same component from different threads, with different derivation


The ideal fix would be to have real immutable component metadata from

the cache. However, because of laziness (required for performance), we

can't do that.

The fix in this PR is therefore to create a copy of the module metadata

whenever a different derivation strategy needs to be used.

It also highlighted another bug, which is that when we use cached

component metadata rules, the derivation strategy wasn't part of the

cache key, meaning that we would get whatever was first stored in the

binary cache.

We now properly separate the entries in the cache by amending the cache

key with the name of the strategy. This isn't ideal as we could potentially

have _stateful_ strategies, but for now there are no such things in the

wild. Again in reality we'd like to get rid of the "magic snapshotting"

of rules and do something similar to what transforms do, with proper

declared input types.

Fixes #13555

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Improve configuration cache java serialization bridge

- Implement `readByte` / `readUnsignedByte` / `readUnsignedShort`

- Improve error message for unsupported feature

Preserve bean trace when decoding serializable object

Polish `SerializableWriteReplaceCodec`

- Better name

Merge pull request #13570 from gradle/bamboo/cc/java/vii

Review tests for compatibility with the configuration cache

Add placeholder in release notes for credentials API

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/66/merges/credentials-provider'

* origin/sg/66/merges/credentials-provider: (43 commits)

Fix integration test

Fix credentials providers sample

Expose Credentials providers via ProviderFactory

Remove AuthenticationSupportedInternal interface from AuthenticationSupporter

Fix credentials provider factory integration test

Rename credentials provider factory accessor in Project

Move CredentialsProviderFactory to the public API

Update DefaultProjectTest

Expose credentials providers via the Project object

Add an Override annotation for provided credentials in repository class

Improve publishing credentials sample README

Expose credentials providers for authenticated repositories

Ignore configuration cache test in instantIntegTest mode

Ensure provided credentials are not cached

Add non null API annotation to credentials provider factory implementation package

Move credentials provider factory interface to core-api module

Add credentials provider test using programmatically registered inputs

Preserve provider semantics in credentials providers

Use Providers.notDefined() instead of custom missing value provider

Simplify credential providers implementation


Add missing anchors to configuration cache build documentation

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Simplify path comparison

Fix tests to account for drive letter

Update commit status publisher token

Fix tests to account for Windows separator

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Add retries for SocketException (#13144)

Merge pull request #13564 from gradle/eskatos/cc/docs

Some more configuration cache documentation refinements

Init git repo in integration tests (#13557)

Some integration tests need to run git commands in test directory,

but distributed-test-remote-executor has no .git directory so we init a "dummy" .git dir.

Add basic support for dynamic dependency versions to the configuration cache.

When a dynamic version is resolved prior to completion of writing the configuration cache entry, then the expiry time of the

version information is recorded in the fingerprint as an input of the task graph.

Changing artifacts are still ignored.

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Update comment.

Remove `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution` from `VersionInSettingsPluginUseIntegrationTest`

Remove `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution` from `RuleSourcePluginUseIntegrationSpec`

Remove `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution` from `PluginUseClassLoadingIntegrationSpec`

Remove `@ToBeFixedForInstantExecution` from `ClasspathDependenciesAttributesIntegrationTest`