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Fix verification

Bump conventions plugin to 0.4

Publish 6.6-20200708230533+0000

Make sure is always considered as input

This is ignored by @Classpath normalization.

Merge pull request #13647 from gradle/vv/pipelines-for-jdk15-jdk16

Add CI pipelines for running tests against JDK15 and JDK16

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Publish 6.6-20200707230108+0000

Publish 6.6-milestone-3

Merge pull request #13650 from gradle/cc/dm/high-level-jvm-api

Introduce higher-level JVM plugin APIs

Clarify javadocs

Remove redundant parameter

Set artifact id in library publications

This was accidentally removed in #13624

Remove unused import

Apply suggestions from code review

Co-authored-by: Jendrik Johannes <>

Add credentials to promotion jobs

Polish JvmVariantBuilder

This commit adds an integration test for the JVM variant builder,

removes the `withJar` method (because if we don't produce a jar,

most projects won't work, we could introduce a `withoutJar` method

in the future if this turns out to be a problem) and renames the

`secondaryComponent` method for clarity.

Merge pull request #13696 from gradle/jjohannes/gralde-build/remove-global-state

Small build logic simplification

Add missing method from interface

Misc renames after review

Remove `enforcedPlatform` from the API

It doesn't really make sense to set this on a `Configuration`, it's really

only for dependencies.

Move 'remove-teamcity-temp-property' into unittest plugin

Moves the logic into 'buildSrc' where it belongs and directly

into the 'testing' plugin to avoid cross-project configuration.

We also do not longer use `beforeEvaluate`, which is not necessary,

because the code from the init script is only activated once the

test tasks are realized.

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Merge pull request #13648 from gradle/bmuskalla/kotlinDevPrefixes

Introduce an API to register a bucket directly

Merge pull request #13361 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/print-number-watched-dirs

Log number of watched directory hierarchies

Merge pull request #13683 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/kotlin-tests

Enable Kotlin DSL tests with file system watching

Update test expectations followin #13689

Remove references to 'build-scan.init.gradle.kts' in performance testing

That script has been removed in #13689

Move init script logic into build (#13689)

This PR removes unnecessary init script and moves it into build.

Remove setting ignoreIncomingBuildReceipt based on requested tasks

This introduces timing to build configuration, as it needs to be

set early. It is better not to rely on this, but set such properties

explicitly when invoking Gradle from the command line via '-P'. In this

case, this is already done in `CompileAll.kt` as part of the TeamCity


Always reconfigure `jar` task during execution

As this causes problems because of laziness.