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Add reified extensions for ComponentMetadataHandler (#10739)

Fix errors in the single version description

Fix dead link

Add deprecation note in upgrading guide

Fix deprecation warning text.

Polish documentation of dependency platforms

Closes #10456

Merge pull request #10701 from gradle/eskatos/kotlin-dsl/no-embedded-kotlin-repo

Remove embedded-kotlin-repo and pin Kotlin dependencies with constraints

Merge pull request #10700 from gradle/wolfs/decorate-artifact-transform-parameters

Decorate artifact transform parameters

Publish 5.6.2-20190916230041+0000

Merge pull request #10734 from gradle/gh/task-resources/hide-public

Hide task shared resources from the public api for now

Merge pull request #10543 from vlsi/sign_hash

signing plugin: use SHA512 instead of SHA1 when signing artifacts

Rework warning around additional artifacts

Merge pull request #10731 from gradle/marc/junit-platform-vintage-fixes

Fix executing Specs tests via JUnit Platform and Vintage engine and remove unnecessary workarounds

Fix application of dependency rules in realized metadata version

The rules for dependencies and dependency constraints were not applied

if the variant itself was added by a rule.

This commit also no longer attempts to apply any rule to the realized

version of 'pure maven configurations'. For Maven, we always use the

derived variants and always use variant matching. Therefore, rules are

never applied to the legacy configurations, but only to the derived


Follow up to #10368

Change exception to InvalidUserCodeException

Issue #10532

Hide task shared resources from the public api for now

Use unified timestamp when cleaning stale data (#10732)

This fixes

Previously we saw some failures when cleaning stale data. This might be

caused by different timestamps used. This commit uses same timestamp to

clean both testOperation and testExecution table.

Merge pull request #10728 from gradle/wolfs/bucket-improvements

Improve teamcity DSL code for bucket generation

Use correct stage tag for deferred tests

Address some review content

Merge pull request #10730 from gradle/eskatos/agp/latest-agp

Upgrade under test AGP to latest alpha/nightly

Remove workarounds for Vintage engine

The workaround was unnecessary since `vintageDynamicMethodName` always

returned `null` and we can then simply check the class name from the


Fix executing Specs tests via JUnit Platform and Vintage engine

Prior to this commit, the JUnitPlatformTestExecutionListener parsed the

unique ID to determine the class and method name for TestIdentifiers

without children but with a ClassSource. This occurs when a Spock test

class uses `@Unroll` on all its test methods. However, other testing

frameworks such as Specs2 don't provide a unique ID that is parseable

which lead to the methodName being null which cause a failure during

serialization. The effect was that tests hung because the build VM

was waiting for the worker to finish the tests it started.

The Spock-specific workaround in our listener is now replaced with a

more robust one that always uses the methodName provided by the JUnit

Platform instead of parsing it.

Upgrade instant-execution tested AGP to latest nightly

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Upgrade latest smoke tested AGP to 3.6.0-alpha10

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Use decorated parameters in tests

Disable some HTTPS tests on JDK 12

Until is fixed.

Simplify deferred test project handling

Note that the only difference here is that the deferred functional

tests now are tagged with the stage they are deferred from, not with

the one they are deferred to. We can fix this later (or never).

Remember build types in stage project

instead of re-calculating them in `StagePasses`

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Fix TeamCity DSL tests