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Fix potential NPE if code is executed concurrently

Remove unused TestOption_Decorated class

Merge pull request #13065 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/only-one-file-metadata

Upload the build scan in the foreground

Background upload + buildFinished user code is broken

in Gradle 6.5.

Ignore failed test for investigation

Address review feedback

Use custom Gradle distribution in precompiled script plugin test

This should prevent the tests randomly fail due to incomplete

generated api.

Merge pull request #13066 from gradle/wolfs/scheduling/overlap-with-file-tree

Only check for overlap root dir in file tree

Refine bucket split with latest data

    • -73248
    • +74212
Rebaseline GradleInceptionPerformanceTest

Make spock test name unique

Merge pull request #13077 from gradle/am/ie/sys-prop-reads-IV

Report on undeclared system property reads from more JVM APIs

Publish 6.4-20200510230718+0000

Report on undeclared system property reads via `Integer.getInteger(key, defaultValue)`, `Long.getLong(key, defaultValue)`.

Report on undeclared system property reads via `Integer.getInteger(key)`, `Long.getLong(key)` and `Boolean.getBoolean(key)`.

Avoid dynamic property look-up on Task object

The build may have already finished by the time this listener is called. Looking up dynamic properties requires

a project level service (which is unavailable because the ProjectScopeServices is already called).

This leads to flaky test failures for this test:

org.gradle.api.tasks.outputorigin.IncrementalBuildOutputOriginIntegrationTest.buildSrc tasks advertise build id

Merge pull request #13072 from gradle/bamboo/master/build/fix-distributions-clean-task-configuration

Fix configuration of `:distributions:clean` task so it doesn't eagerly delete files

Merge branch 'master' into bamboo/master/build/fix-distributions-clean-task-configuration

Publish 6.4-20200509231438+0000

Increase logging level to try to catch more details with flaky test failure

Fix configuration of `:distributions:clean` task so it doesn't eagerly delete files

Merge pull request #13032 from gradle/bamboo/ie/tasks/mustRunAfter

Let instant execution honour `Task.mustRunAfter`

Merge pull request #13063 from gradle/eskatos/ie/destroyable-localState-fileCollections

Let instant execution serialize task destroyables and local state as file collections

Publish 6.4-20200508230047+0000

Let instant execution honour `shouldRunAfter` constraints

Write scheduled nodes in the order given

Simplify `WorkNodeCodec`

- Make name more explicit

- Replace collection chain by `if`

Move sanity check out of `WorkNodeCodec`

Let `TaskNode.getAllSucessors()` mirror `getAllSuccessorsInReverseOrder()`

And thus also include `shouldSuccessors`.

Add more coverage for `shouldRunAfter` and `finalizedBy`