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Mark tests failing with instant execution

Avoid eager creation of `ResolveIvyFactory`

The `ResolveIvyFactory` instance was created too eagerly. In general,

this isn't a problem because most builds will eventually resolve

dependencies. But there are cases, like when calling `help`, when this

is not the case.

The previous code was assuming that a factory would always be created,

and by side effect moved the creation of the factory to an earlier

phase during build initialization, triggering the creation of the file

access journal.

This is no longer the case: we only create the dependency verification

parameter override eagerly, and configure the build to shut it down

at the end of the build.

Make selection of checksum algorithms mandatory

Instead of using a default list, the user has to choose

what checksums to generate when bootstrapping the dependency

verification file.

This is done because it will have an impact when checking

the dependencies: all checksums will be verified.

Merge pull request #11431 from gradle/eskatos/ie/instantIntegTest-re-enable

Re-enable the instant execution test suite

Publish 6.0.1-20191121000038+0000

Bump version of ci-health plugin

Revert unintended TeamCity configuration change

TeamCity change in 'Gradle / Util' project: project parameters were changed

TeamCity change in 'Gradle / Util' project: project parameters were changed

Annotate tests for instant execution after recent changes

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

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Add test case documenting behavior of included builds

This commit adds a test case for dependency verification

and included builds, showing that transitive included build

dependencies are included in the result.

Publish 6.1-milestone-1

Close reader/writer of verification metadata

Assumption that the parse() and write() methods would

automatically close the streams was obviously wrong.

Add test case for update

Merge pull request #11429 from gradle/eskatos/dist/integrity

Fix broken DistributionIntegritySpec

Compute checksums concurrently

This commit reworks how checksums are computed by computing

them concurrently between projects. Checksums are computed

in parallel, however we preserve write order. This involves

a bit more memory usage but it proves to be faster.

Fix wrong hash in DistributionIntegritySpec

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Fix broken DistributionIntegritySpec

since 71c862eb314286144989d35ad5354899729deb9a

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #11424 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/partial-invalidation-message-later

Print incubation message for partial invalidation

Add `ANDROID_HOME` for Windows (#11411)

Add `ANDROID_HOME` for Windows

Ignore broken script caching test for now.

Add samples dir as samples:integTest input (#11416)

Previously samples dir wasn't input of samples:integTest, which

caused some unexpected cache hit.

Ensure that the implementation hash for a task defined in a Groovy DSL build script is the same when the task is deserialized from the instant execution cache as when it was serialized to cache.

Previously, a task defined in a Groovy DSL script was always treated as out-of-date when first deserialized from the instant execution cache.

Publish 6.0.1-20191120000030+0000

Do not hash the implementation classpath for a Groovy DSL script to use for in-memory script caching, but instead use the parent `ClassLoader` identity and the hash of the script itself, as this is faster and identifies the script implementation equally well.

This was the previous behavior, which was accidentally changed in a previous commit. This commit restores the previous behaviour but in a way that (hopefully) is harder to accidentally break in the future.

Rebaseline merge exclude rules

There seems to be small regression for some time now (2%/40ms).

This may be caused by memory pressure.

Rebaselining to unblock master.

Print incubation message for partial invalidation

when activated via ``.

Add incubating messages for VFS retention and partial invalida… (#11422)

Add incubating messages for VFS retention and partial invalidation

Merge branch 'master'

Move partial VFS invalidation test to own class