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Improve wording of verification docs

Mention that the GPG file must be considered binary

Rework how the keyring file is written

For some reason the previous version is not always

fully re-readable...

Update the error message to link to the docs

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Add note about key expiration

Fix duplicate verification when using force realize

Tweak grammar

Fix review comments

Verify checksums for artifacts which declare them even if signature passes

This is done because signatures are done on the hash of artifacts and

not on the artifact contents itself, so if you want to ensure both

integrity and provenance, you need to check both.

Add an XML schema for the verification file

Publish 6.1-20191224000054+0000

Add safety around reading of keyring file

Regroup trusted keys for readability

If a single key is trusted multiple times for different artifacts, we

now regroup the artifact coordinates under the `trusted-key` tag.

Upgradle to latest nightly

For more VFS retention fixes.

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Add a section explaining how to manually check artifacts

This is based on a real debugging session on the Gradle build


Add information about paths to dependencies when failing verification

When dependency verification fails, it's often necessary to actually

look at the artifacts which were downloaded. Gradle will not display

the paths to the artifacts which were involved in a verification

failure, so that the user can check if they are the ones they expect

or something else.

This also gives the ability to actually delete the file from the

local cache if it makes sense.

Add release notes for dependency verification

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Initial documentation for dependency verification

This commit adds the documentation for _dependency verification_,


- checksum verification

- signature verification

- best practices when handling verificaton errors

Notify VFS when manifest is written (#11735)

Notify VFS when manifest is written

Merge manual change to TC DSL

Rebaseline GradleInceptionPerformanceTest because of the usage of new API

Fix typo

Merge pull request #11724 from gradle/breskeby/smoke-test-test-retry-plugin

Add smoke test for test retry plugin

Publish 6.1-20191223003235+0000

Move daemon process cleanup before and after functional tests to a build service.

Upgrade to new nightly.

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Improve grouper

in order to even reduce the size of verification files

Allow `ExecOperations` and `FileSystemOperations` services to be injected into build service instances.

Update default key servers

Based on observations of the results, they seem to be more stable.

Make the various execution services available in build scope, using the build's root directory as the base directory for file resolution.