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Prepare for 5.6.1

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Update default scan plugin version to 2.4.1

Polish release notes

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Fix santaTrackerAndroid on release

By resetting it to a state where it works with

the baseline.

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Remove other removed plugins from link test

Update license file to include references to licenses

unless otherwise listed, any 3rd party dependency is assumed to be

Apache 2.0

Identify license information for all dependencies

Merge pull request #10239 from gradle/devisnik/build-scan-plugin-2-4

Update build scan plugin version to 2.4

Remove chapters that were removed on master

Update build scan plugin version to 2.4

Signed-off-by: Volker Leck <>

Update to 5.6RC2

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Update to latest 5.6 nightly

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Rebaseline some scenarios for release

Looking at the history, some regressions exist before branching. It's pointless to rebaseline master

but not rebaseline release for these scenarios.

Merge pull request #10176 from gradle/sg/http/auth

Fill AuthScope with host and port

Extract magic values into descriptive names

Avoid assertion error in HttpServer.toString

Co-Authored-By: Jonathan Leitschuh <>

Recognize contribution

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Remove testing of OSGi plugin link

The plugin has been removed on master and thus no longer exists in

nightly documentation.

Correct builtBy to actual createdBy

The key builtBy doesn't exist in Gradle Metadata 1.0, the actual analogue is createdBy.

This commit also makes specifies explicitly where some keys are expected.

Signed-off-by: Louis CAD <>

Proper transformation of deprecated usage values

This is a follow up on #10004

It missed one code path for the translation of values, resulting in some

issues for kotlin projects attempting to publish resolved version to


Fix integration tests that more strictly check for credentials

Add test for HttpHeader authentication with redirects

Make checkstyle happy

Make all HttpServer.expect methods use the same base method to uniformly enforce credential checks

Add all possible hosts to the list of authentication hosts for the given credentials

Expect credentials when uploading to the redirect server

Reject Http requests with unexpected credentials

Separate incremental Groovy compilation and compile avoidance in release-features.txt

Make IDEA happy with a Groovy test fixture

Adjust link in release notes

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