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Use latest Scan plugin 2.4.1-rc-1

Move Play plugins retirement to 7.0 for now

Rebaseline JavaConfigurationPerformanceTest

Publish 5.6-20190818230017+0000

Publish 5.6-20190817230026+0000

Adjust @since versions

Merge pull request #10298 from gradle/gh/deprecations/task-cleanup

Make TaskContainer.whenObjectRemoved() an error

Show flakiness rate in performance report (#10300)

This is the first step of implementing [new performance test handing process](, showing flakiness information in the flakiness report.

recognize contributor

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Link to docs

Merge branch 'wrapper-proxy-docs' of

* 'wrapper-proxy-docs' of

docs: Clarify that is not for configuring a proxy

Recognize contributor

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Merge branch 'fix-comment' of

* 'fix-comment' of

Fix comments in the generated build.gradle file

Make checkstyle happy

Merge pull request #10286 from gradle/devisnk/make-detached-config-name-thread-safe

Use AtomicInteger for detached configuration name counter

No need for deprecation warning suppression anymore

Clarify that Java 13 support is tested against EA

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Remove 5.6 release notes that were merged into master

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/60/jdk13'

* origin/sg/60/jdk13:

Tweak comment about support for JDK12

Remove VERSION_14 for now

Refactor test dependency declarations for archunit

Add release notes and features for JDK13 support

Use new version for Scala 2.12 in Play

Bump versions in build-init

Make codenarc happy

Handle 'Connection reset' as end-of-stream failures too

Avoid JDK13 aggressive whitespace trimming when using stripIndent

Update archunit to a version that supports JDK13

Ignore older versions of Gradle if they do not support the current JVM

Fix more stripIndent usages for JDK13

Support more possible JDK13 error messages

Adjust expected error message for JDK13

Adjust multi-line strings to work with both Groovy and JDK13 stripIndent methods

Add VERSION_13 and VERSION_14 to JavaVersion

Restrict support for JDK13 to versions after 5.6

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Handle task replacement in bridged collections

Make TaskContainer.whenObjectRemoved() an error

Relax assertion in cross-version test to pass with older Gradle versions

Merge pull request #10292 from gradle/gh/deprecations/taskcontainer

Make deprecated task container methods an error

Clean up upgrading doc and reintroduce test

Use 'testImplementation' instead of 'testCompile'

Fix target version annotation

Fix typo

Adjust documentation on Gradle Plugin Development Plugin (#2524)

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Adjust buildSrc deprecations

Changed to make the '6.0' build pass.

This behavior might still go before the 6.0 release.

Merge pull request #9353 from gradle/jjohannes/deprecate-java-configurations

Deprecate legacy configuration usages