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Mention deprecation in upgrade guide

Attempt fixing correct classpath closing

Fixing tests, polishing

Rework handling of deprecated classloaders

Make DeprecatedClassloader closeable

minor simplification

Fix more tests by expecting deprecation warning

Fix caching of deprecated classloader

- use uniqye identifier and avoid same identifier as non deprecated loader

- fix more tests now expecting deprecation warning

Some more work heading from spike to actual implementation

- test coverage

- simplified deprecation warning

- works with kotlin-dsl;

Simplify deprecation warning

- ensure only fired once for performance reasons

- tweak test coverage

Some more review feedback

Ignore more tests effected by tmpdir changes

Revert "Ignore failing test for now"

This reverts commit 90e15b3e55fbba276f94e96aea8bfed7ab9fa85a.

Patch property

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Full recompilation with annotation processor (#9917)

This fixes #9871

We don't want to support annotation processing with incremental Groovy compilation because there're too many complicated corner cases - we simply disable Groovy incremental compilation if any Java annotation processors detected.

Merge pull request #9938 from gradle/bamboo/ie/StackOverflowError

Protect instant execution against `StackOverflowError`

Revert "Publish 5.5.1-20190714230511+0000"

This reverts commit 71ff3be85e6c2597d9742b4c96db01ec9af4b4c0.

Publish 5.5.1-20190714230511+0000

TeamCity settings change: convert settings from version 875 to version 898

Publish 5.5.1-20190713230057+0000

Publish 5.5.1-20190713010037+0000

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/merges/mega-swift-docs'

* origin/sg/merges/mega-swift-docs:

Fix Swift samples

Add Swift library plugin reference chapter

Add Swift application plugin reference chapter

Fix typo in links and image of C++ chapters

Add Swift DSL references

Use asciidoc C++ macro to avoid documentation artifacts

Polish `TaskGraphCodec`

- Make `RegisteredProperty` subtypes more symmetrical

- Return `List` instead of `MutableList`

Polish `reentrant` combinator

- Make `encodeLoop` and `decodeLoop` more alike

Fix Swift samples

Recognize contributor

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/docs/swift-library-plugin-reference'

* origin/lacasseio/docs/swift-library-plugin-reference:

Add Swift library plugin reference chapter