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Add container callback execution decoration to DistributionContainer

Stack traces emitted by Gradle are stabilised to improve deduplication

- filtering out all system stackframes from emitted stacktraces

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Merge pull request #7834 from gradle/marc/insights/1665-tapi-plugin-config-instrumentation

Report plugin configuration times to TAPI progress listeners

Don't fail when no data can be found for calculating confidence and difference

This is a workaround for

Before we fix the underlying issue, let's make it robust for now to unblock community

pull requests.

Polish `DefaultCacheKeyBuilderTest`

- Dedupe test expectation

Merge pull request #7838 from gradle/eskatos/messaging/bind-loopback-if-available

Prefer loopback bind address if available for build daemon communications

Remove short circuiting cached execution of transforms (#7823)

This commit removes the short circuit code path where we avoided executing a transform via the BuildOperationExecutor if we knew already that it would be served from the in-memory cache. This was a change to reduce the overhead of the executor, but this approach does not work well with more complex inputs used for artifact transforms.

We now don't schedule artifact transformations on the

`BuildOperationQueue`, since they are already scheduled as part of

the execution when declared as inputs. File transformations are not scheduled as part of

the execution, so we keep running them on the `BuildOperationQueue`.

Increase WorkerDaemonIntegrationTest timeout to 180s

Increase ErrorInWorkerSocketIntegrationTest timeout to 180s

Analysis on some failures shows that 120s is still not enough under certain

conditions. This commit increases the timeout to 180s.

Publish 5.0-20181128000048+0000

Merge pull request #7840 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/hotfix-dependencies

Pass the dependencies provider between transform chains

Pass the dependencies provider between transform chains

This fixes the immediate problems, tests will follow up later.

Merge pull request #7794 from gradle/lptr/transforms/capture-dependencies-as-inputs

Capture artifact transform dependencies as inputs

Don't report results for non-project plugins

Make display names and order reliable

Prior to this commit, the build operation's display name was used for a

plugin identifier's display name. That included the target project and

other irrelevant parts. Now, the plugin id, class name, or script file

name is used instead.

The order of plugin configuration results is now more reliable.

Previously, the order was reversed and very unintuitive. Now, we sort by

the unique first application id.

Emit build operations around container callback executions (core and dependencyMgmt containers) (#7734)

* Decorate taskcontainer callbacks to track application id

* Decorate plugin container callbacks

* Decorate repositoryContainer callbacks

* Decoreate configurations and configuration.dependencies container callbacks

* Decorate artifactTypesDecorator callbacks

* Dont emit build ops for internal declared callbacks

* Provide usercode context in beforeResolve / afterResolve callbacks

* keep compatibility for nebula.dependency-recommender plugin

* Put domain collection callback build ops behind feature toggle

* Decorate Provider.configure() methods

* Simplify container callback filtering and decoration

Previously, we had three classes collaborating to achieve this but now this is inlined into effectively one. While this creates a more complex implementation, that is still rather simple, it avoids the more problematic complexity of a complicated relationship between the three implementations that also required extra state and details to be propagated through all of the collections.

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Do not cache fingerprint of transform dependencies

Merge branch 'master' into lptr/transforms/capture-dependencies-as-inputs

Do not fingerprint transform dependencies when they are not present

Make sure we only fingerprint them only once, too.

Make TransformerExecution static

Only create service injector if dependencies are required

Merge pull request #7704 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/workspaces-squashed

Use transformer workspace in project directory

Reduce exposure of constant

Merge branch 'master' into lptr/transforms/capture-dependencies-as-inputs

Merge branch 'sg/native/move-public'

Fix AbstractConsoleBuildResultFunctionalTest output regex


This commit fixes the output regex.

Publish 5.0-20181127000024+0000

Move public method into internal utility class

Merge pull request #7801 from gradle/lacasseio/native/restrict-native-service

Move `TargetMachineFactory#host()` to internal API

Merge pull request #7820 from gradle/lacasseio/native/allow-duplicate-target-machines

Handle duplicate target machines