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Upgrade asciidoctor plugin to 1.5.6

asciidoctor plugin 1.5.3 did an ugly file name replacement for ruby files

in requires, which caused some failures on Windows. This PR tries to upgrade

that plugin to 1.5.6.

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Reinstate requirement for removal details in deprecation notices (#6080)

* Reinstate requirement for removal details in deprecation notices

If something is deprecated, it must be removed at some point (otherwise there is no point). Removing doesn't have to mean “physically” removing the _thing_. In the case in question, we will be removing the functionality but keeping the method (because its part of an interface we have to fulfill).

Merge pull request #6087 from gradle/eskatos/perf/fix-many-deprecation

Add a settings script to "create many deprecations" perf test

Revert "Clean up distributions at most every 24 hours"

This reverts commit d997fd68ece6591bf3f882b94220030899a5b4f9.

Clean up distributions at most every 24 hours

Since the distribution cleanup was made independent of the

version-specific cache cleanup in #5981, it was run every time the

daemon was stopped. Now, instead of introducing yet another

`` file, it is only executed if version-specific cache

cleanup was executed but regardless whether the latter actually deleted


Fixes #6083.

Add a settings script to "create many deprecations" perf test

So it doesn't use the root settings script and root buildSrc.

Which was making it sensitive to changes in the `gradle/gradle` build.

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Mention contributor in release note

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Describe JavaExec argument parsing in JavaDocs (#6081)

Merge pull request #6066 from gradle/oehme/incremental-compile/intern-on-deserialize

Intern class names when reading back from the cache

Merge pull request #6076 from gradle/oehme/performance/investigate-regression

Make URI scheme matching faster

Merge pull request #6071 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-dsl-0.19.0

Upgrade Kotlin DSL {0.18.4 => 0.19.0}

Rebaseline Gradle build performance to a commit compatible with both Kotlin DSL versions

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Ignore failing Kotlin DSL performance test until we have a nightly

Remove Kotlin DSL integration test deprecation warning expectations

Needs investigation.

Allow nullable removal advice in deprecations

Prepare for Kotlin DSL upgrade with Kotlin 1.2.60-eap-44

- Disable ktlint-convention plugin because it can only run against a

single Kotlin version

- Disambiguate `mock<T> { ... }` calls via `name` parameter

(necessary due to the `SamConversionForKotlinFunctions` feature)

- Replace delegated property of type `Any?` by API call

- Replace calls to reified extensions moved upstream by API calls

Fix SingleMessageLogger

Polish the deprecation model (#6073)

- Tighten up nullability

- Strengthen the model by making how incubating and deprecated usages explicit

Rebaseline IDE model performance tests

There is a slight regression due to a concurrency fix (i.e. something

was running concurrently before that should not have been).

Make task output parsing robust against sub progress loggers

Prior to this commit only logged status messages from subtasks and

"Compiling ... into cache" actions from embedded builds were recognized

as valid ends of task outputs. Now any action from an embedded build,

including "Deleting from versions-specific caches in ..." is handled.

Fixes gradle/gradle-private#1401.

Merge pull request #6075 from gradle/wolfs/file-system-mirror/rename-snapshotter-fingerprint

Rename Snapshotter -> Fingerprinter

Favor unambiguous apply() functions over the ambiguous apply {}

`apply {}` is ambiguous due to the `kotlin-stdlib` extension function

with the same name on `Any` that shadows our `apply {}` in some cases.

This commit contains mechanical changes of all apply {} usages, favoring

the unambiguous equivalent functions.

See the discussion in gradle/kotlin-dsl#682 for more details.

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Make URI scheme matching faster

Optimize for the well-known http and https schemes

and use a more efficient test for Windows root paths.

Fix test

Remove duplicate injection

Remove PathNormalizationStrategy (#5971)

We now have different fingerprinters - one for each path sensitivity.

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Fix GradleKotlinDslSmokeTest

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Use the fingerprint package

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Add more details to incremental compile release notes

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Ensure that any configuration action provided to `TaskContainer.create()` or `register()` is executed inside the realization build operation, to live with the configuration actions that come from other sources such as `all()` or `configureEach()`. This means a more accurate realization operation duration and that all configuration action failures are handled and reported consistently.