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Publish 5.6.2-20190918231859+0000

Fix JDK13 expected error message

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/60/lgtm-alerts'

* origin/sg/60/lgtm-alerts:

Fix some lgtm alerts

Recognize contributors for signing issues

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Merge branch 'inmem-subkey-signing' of

* 'inmem-subkey-signing' of

Annotating additional useInMemoryPgpKeys that accepts keyId with @since 6.0 to respect binary compatibility checks Issue: #10363

Adding integration tests for samples which use in-memory signing subkeys Issue: #10363

Updating user guide to respect information about in-memory signing subkeys Issue: #10363

Added git issue number to the integration test according to the contribution guide Issue: #10363

Updating docs in order to show how to use in-memory subkeys Issue: #10363

Reverting back comments of useInMemoryPgpKeys Issue: #10363

Supporting in-memory signing subkeys Issue: #10363

Fix some lgtm alerts

Rename ValidateTaskProperties to ValidatePlugins, take 2 (#10757)

Rename ValidateTaskProperties to ValidatePlugins, take 2

Fix Gradleception performance test

Rewrite section on component metadata rules (#10735)

The section was written when the very first version of rules was

introduced and since then only marginally updated.

This is a complete rewrite of the section focusing on explaining

all the metadata modeling features of Gradle Module Metadata

which can be utilized in rules to enrich existing metadata.

The features are described on using real-world use cases.

Related sections are also updated where applicable.

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Add error message in case GMM doesn't declare variants

This commit validates that published Gradle Module Metadata

declares at least one variant when resolved. This is the

counterpart to validation at publication time, but this time

when resolving, in case a user/plugin generates module metadata

in a non-Gradle compatible way.

Update smoke test plugin version

Mention incremental compilation improvement in release notes

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Remove misleading inline comments

Add validation at publication time

This commit introduces validation when generating Gradle

Module Metadata:

- check that there's at least one variant published

- each variant must have at least one attribute

- there shouldn't be duplicate variant names

- each variant must have a different (attributes,capabilities)


Closes #10736

Update Gradleception build commit hash

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Use ValidatePlugins in buildSrc (and upgrade wrapper)

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Merge pull request #10767 from gradle/wolfs/better-non-incremental-logging

Reword logging when changes require rebuild

Reword logging when changes require rebuild

Merge pull request #10750 from gradle/wolfs/incremental/use-replaced-by-for-stable-sources

Use `@ReplacedBy` on Java/GroovyCompile

Remove redundant section

Merge pull request #10762 from gradle/lacasseio/native/deincubating

Deincubate the new C++ and Swift plugins

Merge pull request #10501 from gradle/gh/worker-api/worker-services

Expose public services to worker API actions

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/merges/pr-4836'

* origin/sg/merges/pr-4836:

Remove reference to Gradle UI

Recognize contributor

Refactor logging for wrapper download

Fallback to download dot behavior if the size of the distribution is unknown

Change wrapper downloading progress from dots to percentage.

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sg/merges/pr-10129'

* origin/sg/merges/pr-10129:

Fix checkstyle

Add incubating and since to new methods

Fix backwards compatibility

Recognize contributor

Add generateDeploymentDescriptor boolean to Ear task and EarPluginConvention that allows the user to disable application.xml generation.

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/pr-10419'

* origin/lacasseio/pr-10419:

Add explicit constructor to avoid synthetic class generation

Mention contributor in release notes

Pass the mutating Set directly instead of a plain boolean

Split complex test into multiple tests

Clarify method's purpose with clearer name

Fix sample test failure

Use enum instead of the name string to compare the language

Improve readability of the tests

Improve incremental compilation for Java

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Migrate h2 performance database to another machine

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Migrate h2 performance database to another machine

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Refactor getRelevantDependents to avoid fiddly nullable things

Avoid revisiting dependents

Use getAllDependentClasses instead of two identical loops