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Try 0.58

Test flaky tagging

Publish 5.3-20190310013230+0000

Update tagging plugin to 0.57

Update tagging plugin to 0.56

Publish 5.3-20190309012834+0000

Merge pull request #8711 from gradle/lptr/execution/incrementality-followup

Incremental execution follow-up

Update subprojects/execution/src/main/java/org/gradle/internal/execution/steps/

Co-Authored-By: lptr <>

Fix IncrementalExecutionTest

Address review comments

- improve comment about snapshot storage optimization

- fix meaning of isAllowOverlappingOutputs()

Ignore IncrementalExecutionTest again for now

Fix test

Publish 5.3-20190308141055+0000

Merge pull request #8709 from gradle/wolfs/tc-config/convert-promotion-to-kotlin-dsl

Refactor promotion project

Code cleanup: rename class

Test timeout handling

Fix compile error

Add missing space

Address review feedback



Check that execution results are retained

Add test for build cancellation

Separate broadcasting output changes and add more tests

Test ResolveChangesStepTest

Also added the ability to disable change tracking completely for a work item. This is now handled separately from the case where change tracking is enabled, but history is unavailable.

This feature is not used with tasks and artifact transforms yet.

Move execution state change detection to mockable class

Remove most of the `init` constructor parameters

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Test forced rebuild to trigger a rebuild

Remove old reference to 'jdiff' report artificats

We do not create these reports anymore. They were replaced with the

binary compatibility reports in the Gradle build.

Remove old 'HipChat' webhook