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Make the performance flakiness detection threshold 0.97

In the practice, we noticed annoying flakiness not dectected by flakiness detection.

This commit decrease the threshold to 0.97.

Publish 6.1-20200110000023+0000

Add missing method GradleContextualExecuter

Merge pull request #11848 from gradle/wolfs/vfs/retention-test-fixes

Fix some tests when VFS retention is enabled

Route invalidateAll to global VFS with retention (#11819)

Route invalidateAll to global VFS with retention

Merge pull request #11791 from gradle/vv/download-local-groovy-sources-for-ides

Download localGroovy() sources when using an IDE

Add missing `@Unroll`

Merge pull request #11823 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/rename-immutable-to-isImmutable

Rename `Managed.{immutable => isImmutable}` for consistency with other boolean properties

Add unit test for virtual file system services

Rebaseline `incremental compile on mediumSwiftMulti` as well

This has not been rebaselined, since it was using a version specific

to the test.

Merge pull request #11248 from sschuberth/normalize-app-home-in-batch-file

Normalize APP_HOME in the Windows app start script

Mention contributor in release notes

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    • +4
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into normalize-app-home-in-batch-file

Disable some tests with nodaemon executer

These tests download gradle bin distribution on demand and assert

src directory not exist. However, noDaemonTests are executed against

all distribution so the tests fail at ReadyForRelease stage.

Publish 6.1-20200109000031+0000

Rebaseline performance tests again

  1. … 17 more files in changeset.
Rebaseline performance tests

  1. … 16 more files in changeset.
Merge branch 'master' into vv/download-local-groovy-sources-for-ides

Download gradleApi() sources on-demand when using an IDE (#11785)

Only clean global VFS with retention enabled

The build session scoped one should be empty anyway.

Merge pull request #11824 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/polish

Polish `:instantExecution`

Merge pull request #11708 from gradle/wolfs/binary-compat/deprecations

Upgrade to japicmp-gradle-plugin 0.2.9

Attach single source file in IDEA model if it is not a directory

Merge branch 'master' into vv/download-local-groovy-sources-for-ides

Merge pull request #11772 from gradle/vv/gradle-api-sources-intellij

Populate IDEA model with gradle-api source subdirectories

Merge pull request #11804 from gradle/vv/clean-up-ssl-context-factory

Break up SslContextFactory.load into smaller methods

Rebaseline performance tests

Rebaseline JavaInstantExecutionPerformanceTest

Looking at history, there was a gradual regression.

Rebaseline it.

Remove mirror url from all build steps of mac agents

There was mirror defined in verifyTestFilesCleanup step

of mac builds, which caused some issues. Remove them.