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Revert loopback

Run perf with loopback

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Publish 5.6-20190805235250+0000

Publish 5.6-20190805230950+0000

Merge pull request #10179 from gradle/bamboo/ie/rebaseline-performance-tests

Rebaseline instant execution performance test

Rebaseline instant execution performance test

Signed-off-by: Rodrigo B. de Oliveira <>

Minor improvements in Gradle Module Metadata specification

Merge pull request #10097 from gradle/jjohannes/dependency-management/for-subgraph

Introduce subgraph dependency version constraints

Bump Gradle Module Metadata version to 1.1

Add documentation for subgraph version constraints

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Merge pull request #10128 from gradle/wolfs/flaky/generify-matchers

Generify cause and description assertThat methods

Run experimental pipeline on Java 13

Use stream for creating classpath manifest

Ensure that non-task node instances read from the instant execution cache are reused when referenced from a file collection read from the cache.

Serialize non-task work nodes to the instant execution cache as dummy `ActionNode` implementations, along with the edges between nodes.

Publish 5.6-20190804230030+0000

Clean stale performance data (#10108)

Our performance database is too large. This PR performs a cleanup on initialization of DB connection.

Publish 5.6-20190803230026+0000

Fix NoClassDefFoundError in performance test (#10153)


The problem is that TC returns a `text/html` HTTP response even when we explicitly set `Accept: application/json`. When this happens, the `NoClassDefFoundError` is expected because we excluded `xerces`.

Publish 5.6-20190802230034+0000

Merge pull request #10158 from gradle/gh/deprecations/remove-osgi

Remove the deprecated OSGI plugin

Correct default in DSL doc

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Add performance tests for subgraph version constraints

Add integration tests for subgraph version constraints

Implement subgraph constraints support in resolution engine

Mention removal of OSGI plugin in upgrading doc

Add link to changing duplicates strategy in working_with_files

Remove bndlib dependency and correct distribution tests


Merge branch 'mark-vieira:shared-resources'