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Update to RC

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Re-add RegularFileSnapshot.getMetadata() (#11739)

Re-add RegularFileSnapshot.getMetadata()

Add a comment so the method isn't removed again

Revert "Remove unused method RegularFileSnapshot.getMetadsata()"

The method is used from the Maven caching client.

This reverts commit 17b462f3

Remove hack since samples are no longer a subdirectory off samples/

Bump to latest 6.1 nightly

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Add precompiled script plugin sample

Polish link to build init from samples

Add sample for Gradle plugin development in Java

Polish readmes for new samples

Remove edit and rating controls

Polish display and descriptions of samples

Fix ktlint

Remove dynamic code from DependenciesMetadataRulesPlugin

Avoid testing samples in sanityCheck

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Fix swapped js and css files for release notes

Escape less-than-equals so it does not render as an arrow

Remove reference to 2019

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Always register InstantExecutionClassLoaderScopeRegistryListener

Because at registration time we can't reliably know if instant

execution is enabled. It is already discarded as soon as possible anyway

in DefaultInstantExecution.

This is required to allow execution from IDEs to enable instant


Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Polish 6.1 release notes

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Reword to add link to sample index page

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Merge pull request #11718 from gradle/ljacomet/dependency-management/capabilities-resolution-doc

Improve documentation on capabilities conflict solving

Improve documentation on capabilities conflict solving

Clearly states that skipping conflict resolution when desired module is

not a candidate is the expected pattern.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/native/fix-flaky-model-resolve' into release

* origin/lacasseio/native/fix-flaky-model-resolve:

Prevent dead lock in dependent component report task

Ignore new test for instant execution

Fix CI failures around new constructor argument

Work around testing vs real Gradle

Use project lock when resolving model

Polish, parameter is a Provider not a String

Fix reference to renamed method

Fix javadoc

Edit Javadocs of `HasConfigurableValue` to clarify contract.

Include the classes of `launcher` in the Gradle API jar.