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Re-enable HTTPS tests

After the issue is fixed in 11.0.3 and 12.0.1.

Recognize AdoptOpenJDK vendor (#9406)

Currently our internal JDK probe can't recognize AdoptOpenJDK. Oracle OpenJDK's `java.vendor` is `Oracle Coorpration` but AdoptOpenJDK's vendor is `AdoptOpenJDK`. This PR adds support for `AdoptOpenJDK` so we can recognize it in the future builds.

Rebaseline first use and clean checkout perf tests

While the investigation is ongoing, so no new regressions are



Disable production JDK check for now

Publish 5.4.1-20190515012939+0000

Always add constraints to potentially activating list

This fixes the Gradleception build.

Optimize zip/tar visit

Instead of checking for **every** file entry if the file is new,

and then copy it if it's missing, we only need to do this once,

at the top-level exploded directory: this saves a lot of "file.exist"

calls, which can be quite expensive.

Cache more than one query in component attribute matching

Component attribute matching is the most expensive part of attribute

selection whenever there's an ambiguity. In Android, that's very often

the case. This commit changes the caching code to use more than one

(actually cache all) query cache in order to try to reduce selection


Merge pull request #9363 from gradle/lacasseio/native/model-dsl

Add DSL reference for C++ components and IDE tasks

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Fix artifact transforms title in DSL doc

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Cache desugaring of attributes

Desugaring can be expensive, and this commit reduces the cost

by making sure we don't desugar the same instance of attributes

twice. It makes use of the fact we have an immutable attributes

factory which returns always the same instance of attributes.

Merge pull request #9358 from gradle/lacasseio/native/remove-old-cpp-docs

Remove old documentation about the new C++ plugins

Add a redirect page for the old documentations

Deduplicate attributes when writing result to disk

Serializing attributes (and reading them) can be quite expensive.

In project like Android projects, there are many attributes serialized

and they often have the same values. This prevents overhead by keeping

the serialized values de-duplicated.

Bump ci-health plugin to 0.64

Show detailed executions for performance test (#9014)

This fixes

We want to see the detailed execution information (i.e. fluctuations, stablities) in the graph. This PR extracts the code in flakiness report and applies them to normal performance scenario graph.

Publish 5.4.1-20190514013143+0000

Use the correct name for the root project when restoring from instant execution cache. This makes build scans more useful when comparing a given build with and without instant execution.

Support changes to the requested task names in instant execution. Include the requested task names and also Gradle version in the cache file name.

Also add some logging to inform the user when there is a hit or miss on the cache.

Move some detail out of `DefaultGradleLauncher` and into other services.

Extract a service to prepare the task graph for a `Gradle` instance out of `DefaultGradleLauncher` and reuse this in instant execution to reduce some coupling.

The service is responsible for selecting the entry tasks and calculating the task graph.

Extract a service to prepare the `Settings` for a `Gradle` instance out of `DefaultGradleLauncher` and reuse this in instant execution to reduce some coupling.

The service is responsible for running init scripts, creating the settings instance and running the settings script.

Simplify mechanism to auto apply the build scan plugin when running with instant execution, and remove dependency from `instant-execution` to `plugin-use` project.

Add some basic support for generating a build scan when running with instant execution enabled.

Publish 5.4.1-20190513010033+0000

Move possibly breaking details to upgrade guide

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Merge branch 'upgrade_jacoco' of

Set the minimum version of worker API performance tests to 4.0

Relax what we check for in the daemon health stats unit test

Fix module type of kotlin-compiler-embeddable subproject