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Fix toList

Fix toArray

Use boolean

Fix db name

Fix flaky rate sql

Fix table name


Fix toArray

Remove StaleDataCleanupInitializer

Ignore tests for now

Update wrapper to latest 6.4 nightly

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Publish 6.4-20200415131233+0000

Merge branch 'release'

# Conflicts:

# subprojects/docs/src/docs/release/

Add suggestion to release notes

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Polish from additional review

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Merge pull request #12812 from gradle/vv/precompiled-groovy-plugins-build-cache

Fix cacheability of precompiled Groovy plugin tasks

Fix style

Test mysql

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Merge pull request #12818 from gradle/eskatos/agp/update

Upgrade tested AGP versions

Update AndroidSantaTrackerKotlinCachingSmokeTest

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Update AndroidSantaTrackerJavaCachingSmokeTest

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Upgrade tested AGP versions

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge branch 'release'

Publish 6.4-20200414230041+0000

Simplify precompiled plugin source file dependency declarations

Make precompiled plugin classes not depend on absolute paths of their source files

Replicate corrupt build cache with precompiled Groovy plugins in a test

Revert "Configuration of build identifier"

This reverts commits ecb234a255f,

46d52bf8e7e10, 97e9694e12f.

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Merge pull request #12792 from gradle/eskatos/ie/report-Gradle.buildFinished

Report Gradle.buildFinished {} as an instant execution problem

Merge branch 'master' into eskatos/ie/report-Gradle.buildFinished