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Run mutate before each warmup

Mutate before warm up

Fix type issue

Change to assemble

Test another scenario

    • binary
    • binary
fix jfr

Dynamically enable jfr

Break when hit 0.99 threshold

Save to project directory

Don't apply init script for run

Use JAVA_HOME instead of java.home

Use env

Use jfr

    • -0
    • +9
    • -9
    • +0
Fix compile error

    • binary
    • binary
Add a new strategy

More versions

Remove init scripts

Correct init scripts

Add init scripts

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    • +194
    • -0
    • +194
    • -0
    • +9
Fix path

Use lightweight runner

    • binary

mkdirs first

Use correct pid

Change to processbuilder

Override stop()

Use solaris profiler


Add warmup count for JavaConfigurationPerformanceTest

Sleep after explicit GC