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Increase performance template memory

Enable feature preview for Groovy incremental compilation (#9902)

This fixes

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Publish 5.5.1-20190710010105+0000

Publish 5.5.1-20190709202611+0000

Rebaseline on existing version

The previous version seemed to not exist.

Merge pull request #9861 from gradle/lptr/hashing/introduce-hashing-project

Improve hashing API

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    • +2
Merge pull request #9864 from gradle/revert-9859-eskatos/ie/revert-report

Re-introduce instant execution report

Polish `instant-execution-report.css`

- Remove unnecessary rules

Let instant execution report use `problem` instead of `failure` consistently

Merge pull request #9896 from gradle/wolfs/incremental/deprecate-without-output

Deprecate declaring incremental tasks with no outputs

Rebase "generate dependency report" perf test

Fix test

Remove TaskClassInfo.incremental

Address review feedback

Merge pull request #9889 from gradle/wolfs/xforms/de-incubate

De-incubate artifact transforms

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Merge branch 'master' into lptr/hashing/introduce-hashing-project

Merge pull request #9868 from gradle/lptr/execution/extract-capturing-before-execution-state

Extract capturing before execution state

Full recompilation on Groovy-Java joint compilation (#9890)

Currently, incremental Groovy compilation only works for files compiled by the Groovy compiler. Java files are compiled by the Java compiler.

This PR disables incremental compiler if Java files found because this might cause incorrectness.

Publish 5.5-20190709010046+0000

Remove unused smoke test

Make `instant-execution-report.gradle.kts` compatible with eager mode

By delaying the resolution of the `compileClasspath` configuration.

Polish InstantExecutionReportIntegrationTest

Polish `InstantExecutionReport`

- Compose method

Polish `instant-execution-report.css`

Reduce instant execution constant overhead

By reducing the number of objects that need to be initialized to

discover whether instant execution is enabled.

Simplify IncrementalTaskWithNormalizedInputsIntegrationTest

Mention deprecation in upgrade notes

Deprecate declaring incremental tasks with no outputs

An incremental task should always declare an output. Gradle

automatically declared an upToDate spec for incremental tasks to make

sure this is always the case.

Actually, the implementor of the task should add the spec if the task

does not declare any outputs. We expect nearly all incremental tasks

to already declare outputs.

Fix test