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Merge pull request #6112 from gradle/sg/lazy/domain-object-provider

Introduce DomainObjectProvider

Introduce DomainObjectProvider

Domain object containers return a DomainObjectProvider instead of a plain Provider

so users can configure domain objects

This is similar to the previously introduced TaskProvider

Remove stale files for scala compilation (#6093)

Whenever Zinc doesn't have the data to remove them.

Merge pull request #6105 from gradle/eskatos/perf/require-settings

Let all performance tests require a settings script

Use external repository mirrors in build (#6094)

We've been bitten by external repository fluctuation for a long time.

This PR makes most of tests use repository mirrors set up by ourselves

via init script and system property.

There're still some tests not switching to mirrors, which would be fixed

in follow-up commits.

  1. … 85 more files in changeset.
Test more than one version of Kotlin Gradle plugin

Merge pull request #6101 from gradle/dd/dependency-management/strict-constraints

Retain full declared version constraints in dependency model

Previously, declared version constraints were mapped to a single prefer and set of reject constraints. This mapping was problematic and lossy:

Dependency reports didn't match the user input for strictly version constraints

Generating a reject constraint for a declared strict constraint was not always possible

A dependency like org:foo:1.0 was considered identical to org:foo { prefer '1.0' }, making it impossible to provide different behaviours for these.

This PR ensures that the full set of declared version constraints is retained in the internal dependency model, and is correctly published and consumed in Gradle .module metadata files.

Remove unneeded xsl version declaration from docs webpages

Move after-footer JS to footer.html so it is included in generated docs

Fix unit tests for change to VersionConstraint

Get samples tests running again

Commit dc49f73c2d37a3d36feb72244f980ea5fca34ddc excluded sample

config and output from the distributions, but also the integ test

distribution, which caused UserGuideSamplesIntegrationTest to

find 0 samples to test.

This change ensures that the samples are included for integ testing

but not in the real -all distribution.

Also fixes 3 samples tests that had broken in the meantime.

Bump cache layout version for changes to `VersionConstraint`

Fix link to installation doc

Fix log messages for deprecated commandline flags

Merge pull request #6095 from gradle/eskatos/perf/rebaseline-first-use

Rebaseline first use perf test

Merge pull request #6046 from gradle/oehme/performance/stricter-heap

Restrict memory usage of Java performance tests

Rebaseline all performance tests

To lock in memory usage improvements.

  1. … 18 more files in changeset.
Rebaseline first use perf test

Secure improvements on largeJavaMultiProject

Accept regression on largeJavaMultiProjectKotlinDsl due to kotlin-dsl 0.19.0, to be mitigated

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Compare default excludes as Set

Fixes the unit test on Windows.

Let performance tests require a settings script

Otherwise they use the root one and include buildSrc.

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Increase WorkerExecutorErrorHandlingIntegrationTest timeout to 120s

We observed timeout on low-performance EC2 agents, so here we increase the

timeout to 120s

Respect default excludes for snapshotting (#6085)

This feature has been lost when we moved to hierarchical snapshotting.

Remove redundant line

Monitor execution timeout in build (#6078)

We have been bitten by execution timeout for a long time. Now we set a hourly timer when

integration tests start, and print all java processes' stack traces on the machine.

Merge pull request #6082 from gradle/eskatos/wrapper/with-kotin-dsl-0.19.0

Post kotlin-dsl 0.19.0 activities

Simplify error reporting for 'require' dependency versions

Allow module test fixtures to generate metadata with 'requires' and 'prefers' constraints

Reinstate requirement for removal details in deprecation notices (#6080)

* Reinstate requirement for removal details in deprecation notices

If something is deprecated, it must be removed at some point (otherwise there is no point). Removing doesn't have to mean “physically” removing the _thing_. In the case in question, we will be removing the functionality but keeping the method (because its part of an interface we have to fulfill).