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Display failure log in console

Revert "Ignore GradleBuildPerformanceTest for now"

This reverts commit ae5e116ae76fcbf38f3b8977b13f992c89e479ea.

Ignore GradleBuildPerformanceTest for now

Rebaseline gradleBuildBaseline

Because the old baseline has verification failures.

Fix null className in GradleBuildPerformanceTest

Fix TeamCity tests

Recover database url property name

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Publish 6.4-20200418230023+0000

Rebaseline JavaFirstUsePerformanceTest

Rebaseline to lock performance improvement

Ignore test case under investigation

Test only fails on ci for some reason.

Mark `ProviderFactory` as `@NonExtensible`

Now that is gets dsl-decorated by the instantiator.

Use a different system/Gradle property name to avoid clashes

Fix wrong accepted-public-api-changes

That function wasn't removed

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Publish 6.4-20200417230021+0000

Fix bad merge

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Restore the ability to define JavaExec.main via task convention (#12836)

Migrate performance database to AWS MySQL

Remove sentence about non-existing property from upgrading guide

Accept binary incompatible change to `org.gradle.api.tasks.JavaExec`

Prove cache invalidation upon changes to Gradle properties used by `buildSrc`

Merge pull request #12837 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/fingerprint/buildSrc-inputs

Invalidate instant execution cache upon changes to `buildSrc` build logic inputs

Replace usage of Kotlin compiler utility method by public API

Improve handling of exceptions during value source instantiation

- let only `GradleException`s be thrown

- include value source type name in the exception message

Improve usability of value sources in Groovy scripts

- decorate `ProviderFactory` to get `Closure` overloads for `Action` parameters;

- display the name of the original type instead of the decorated one;

Publish 6.4-20200417164449+0000

Prove build logic inputs used by `buildSrc` are captured

And the instant execution cache is invalidated upon changes to them.

Restore instant execution cache invalidation coverage

- for Java and Groovy buildSrc source languages

Polish `InstantExecutionBuildOptionsIntegrationTest`

- More pleasant test names

Allow value sources with no parameters

Merge pull request #12805 from gradle/jjohannes/gradle-build/grouping

Clean up subproject grouping (and other things) in gradle build

Fix position of 'afterEvaluate' block