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Use DisconnectedInputStream

Use channels

Increase ExecCancellationIntegrationTest timeout

We observed flakiness under high load in ExecCancellationIntegrationTest, so here

we simply increase the timeout.

Improve performance test (#6122)

In we made distributed performance test cacheable, which resulted in . The issue was that `DistributedPerformanceTest` and `performanceReport` are different tasks, and `performanceReport` task depends on some particular properties set by `DistributedPerformanceTest` at runtime. If `DistributedPerformanceTest` is not executed, `performanceReport` will be disrupted.

This PR merges `performanceReport` task into `PerformanceTest`. After this change, `PerformanceTest`'s inputs are Gradle binary distributions and a series of properties such as `baselines`/`warmups`, etc, and outputs are original outputs plus performance reports. This introduces another bonus - `PerformanceTest` can be cacheable, which means if nothing changes, we don't have to rerun it.

Merge pull request #6470 from gradle/bamboo/master/fix-tooling-api-eclipse

Fix tooling-api eclipse configuration

Merge pull request #6471 from gradle/bamboo/master/remove-configureAs

Replace `tasks.named(n).configureAs<T> {}` by `tasks.named<T>(n) {}`

Polish `tooling-api.gradle.kts`

Query main source-set only once.

Fix `eclipse.classpath.entries.removeAll` predicate

To check the classpath entry path instead of implicit project path.

Replace `tasks.named(n).configureAs<T> {}` by `tasks.named<T>(n) {}`

Do not try to infer if a platform is virtual

This commit removes the ability of the engine to determine that a platform

is virtual when it's not marked as such. This means that we effectively

trust the user calling the right `belongsTo` method. By doing this, it

allows us to remove the `retryIfMissing` complexity.

Implement a concrete `VirtualModuleComponentIdentifier`

Merge pull request #6437 from gradle/gh/lazy-tasks/evaluate-checks

Disallow more project configuration hooks from lazy configuration actions

Reduce poll interval even further

There still seems to be some flakyness left.

Include Kotlin DSL samples in wrapper docs

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Merge pull request #6456 from gradle/wolfs/deprecations/fix-task-inputs-property-usages

Re-introduce CompatibilityAdapterForTaskInputs

Add removals to release notes

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Re-introduce CompatibilityAdapterForTaskInputs

The adapter is still needed for `` which return type

changed in 4.3.

Merge pull request #6451 from gradle/oehme/performance/root-cause

Avoid expensive ExceptionUtils.getRootCause

Merge pull request #6410 from gradle/wolfs/deprecations/task-inputs-chaining

Disallow task inputs/outputs chaining

Merge branch 'release'

Don't parse source file when useless

Make executor stop test deterministic

The previous version, with bad timing, could have the action waiting for

750ms complete before `executor.stop` was invoked, and in that case it

would not throw as `stop` would complete normally.

Now the action will block until _after_ the `executor.stop` is invoked,

making the test deterministic.

Because of that, the stop operation duration assertion has been removed

and the `executor.stop` timeout has been reduced.

Make "belongsTo" create virtual components by default

This commit changes the behavior of "belongsTo" in component metadata rules,

so that it creates a virtual platform by default. By doing this, we optimize

the engine which can now avoid checking for a real, published platform,

avoiding costly repository calls to fetch metadata.

If a component needs to declare that it participates in a published platform,

or if we don't know if the platform is published or not, then the alternate,

new `belongsTo(id, virtual)` method needs to be called.

This is a performance optimization only.

Closes #6447

Avoid expensive ExceptionUtils.getRootCause

This method uses reflection to work on very old Java versions.

This is not necessary for our purposes, we can just use getCause

instead. Using the commons-lang method caused a severe slowdown

when there were many resolution errors.

Merge pull request #6414 from gradle/eskatos/docs-kts/build-script-basics

Add Kotlin DSL samples to Build scripts basics user manual chapter

Use guava's ByteStreams

Fix #6114 by DisconnectedInputStream


Sporadically we see execution timeout on our CI, and it turned out that some

Windows processes hang forever. This PR made an attempt to fix this issue by


Test to reproduce #6114

Ignore JavaProcessStackTracesMonitorSpec test for now


We've observed some timeout of JavaProcessStackTracesMonitorSpec.can print all threads of all running JVM by jstack.

Let's ignore this test for now to make sure the timeout isn't caused by itself.

Merge pull request #6430 from gradle/wolfs/samples-as-input-to-integTest

Add samples as an input to `integTest:integTest`