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Fix samples

Update to Gradle Enterprise plugin 3.1-rc-2 (#11320)

Remove enableFeaturePreview() in buildSrc

It's unnecessary after root settings are evaluated first.

Ignore TcpConnectorTest failures on macOS for now (#11311)


Ignore the failure on mac agents for now.

Fix .sample.conf file name in samples (#11313)

Exemplar search testable samples by its configuration file name, *.sample.conf.

Previously there're several configuration files mistakenly named as *.conf so

they were not tested at all. Fixed them.

Run AGP tests with versions 3.5.2 and 3.6.0-beta03 (#11261)

Run AGP tests with versions 3.5.2 and 3.6.0-beta03

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/green-master' into lptr/android/upgrade-to-agp-3.5.2-and-3.6.0-beta03

Mark task from cache

Add `BuildServiceParameters.None` marker type that is used to indicate that a build service does not take any parameters, to match the pattern used in other places.

Extract some validation logic from several places so it can be reused in the places where parameterized isolated objects, such as artifact transforms or build services, are registered.

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Extract some reusable logic to determine the parameters type of an isolated implementation type, such as a worker API action or a build service.

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Use 6.0

Merge pull request #11204 from gradle/eskatos/smoke-test/generated-api-jars

Fix CIConfigIntegrationTests

Merge pull request #11211 from gradle/eskatos/ie/instantIntegTest-prepare-for-ci

Fix Javadoc link in release notes

Fix HTML tags in javadoc

Fix typo

Update progress event type documentation in javadoc

Use 6.0

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Use latest versions of previous major releases in historical perf builds

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Publish 6.0

Remove licenses tasks

Fix Javadoc link in release notes

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Rebaseline 'help on the gradle build comparing gradle'

now that the build uses new features

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Include output of all failed suites in HTML report (#11262)

Prior to this commit, only the output of the root `TestDescriptor` was

included in the HTML report even though all failed suites were included

with their exceptions.

Isolate the parameters of a build service when the service is instantiated.

This is intended to be an approximate implementation of the contract. This should later be refactored to work the same way as for artifact transforms.

Rename `BuildServiceRegistry.maybeRegister()` to `registerIfAbsent()`.

Fix formatting.

Push the logic that figures out the tools classpath for the test JVM down from the build script and into the model object.

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Publish 6.0-20191108000102+0000

Some polishing of the build logic to locate the various JVMs used by the build.

- Apply the `AvailableJavaInstallationsPlugin` to all projects, rather than the root project.

- Add some modelling to the extension added by the plugin.

- Make sure the plugins that expect the extension to be present to explicitly state this (by applying the plugin).

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Fix HTML tags in javadoc

Rework the discovery and validation of the JVMs used for building, compiling and testing Gradle, so that the implementation is compatible with instant execution.

In particular, model the `AvailableJavaInstallations` as a 'build service', in part to dogfood this API. Also remove some logic that is no longer required.

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Tweak error message.

Upgrade to new nightly Gradle version.

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Ignore failing test for now

Remove expected deprecation warnings not emitted by AGP anymore \o/