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add debug code

Add unrecoverable error handler for ObjectConnection

No more strict compile for platform play

To fix building on Java 9.

Merge pull request #6701 from gradle/wolfs/shorter-native-samples

Rename some native samples

Relax requirements for production JDK

Given our current state on `master` and `release` we need to be able to

test `release` on Java 9.

Rename some native samples

The file names became too long on Windows.

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Enable TLSv1.2 for HTTPS on IBM JDK 8

By default, IBM JDK 8 doesn't enable TLSv1.2, which results in

`fatal alert: protocol_version` when communicating with maven central.

This commit enables TLSv1.2 for HTTPS on IBM JDK 8.

Ignore some tests on IBM JDK

Some tests (e.g. JavaFx) are not supported by IBM JDK 8, ignored.

Always skip incompatible Gradle versions in cross-version tests

The code path for explicitly defined versions was missing a check

whether that version is compatible with the current platform.

Fix file leak in ClassLoaderUtilsIntegrationTest

Skip Gradle 1.0 on Java 8 as it is not supported

Relax test assertion for build build cache test

The message is slightly different when running on Java 10 on Windows.

Merge pull request #6667 from gradle/wolfs/file-system-mirror/fix-path-on-element

Return correct relative path when snapshotting

Add more test coverage for DirectorySnapshotter

Return correct relative path when snapshotting

Issue #6656

Fix integration test after tweaking deprecation message

Merge pull request #6650 from gradle/wolfs/file-system-mirror/fix-empty-tree-snapshotting

Return empty file tree for directory snapshot

Move contribution listing to release branch instead of master

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fix #6653: avoid double deprecation message when using the publishing plugin (#6655)

Signed-off-by: jnizet <>

Update version to 4.10.1

Return empty file tree for directory snapshot

Issue: #6592

Update wrapper to release 4.10

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Reworded build scan plugin section in release notes

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Tweak scan plugin section in relese notes

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Mention build scans in gradle 4.10 release notes

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Add Kotlin DSL subsection to release notes

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Update wrapper to 4.10-rc-3

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We attempted to coordinate all access to system properties for maximum security, but that didn't work out because it also prevented reads from other threads while someone was holding the lock. This is no longer a problem on Java 9, but a deadlock is possible on Java 8.

We now only coordinate our own writes and accept that some

3rd party code may use setProperty() and bypass our checks

that way.