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Merge pull request #10050 from gradle/lacasseio/software-model/prevent-duplicated-tasks

Check for ModelMap duplicated element inside TaskContainer

Merge pull request #10096 from gradle/lptr/execution/better-names-for-execution-state-steps

Better names for execution state-related steps

Merge pull request #10057 from gradle/lptr/build-cache/remove-legacy-option

Remove legacy local build cache option

Merge pull request #10013 from gradle/lptr/execution/introduce-build-operations

Capture snapshotting time more precisely

Fix flaky test AbstractBasicGroupedTaskLoggingFunctionalTest (#10105)

This fixes

It seems like that we need to check every line separately.

Publish 5.6-20190729230502+0000

Make test run with an isolated daemon to eliminate flakiness

Fix flakiness

Follow-up to 962af861a57

Merge branch 'master' into lptr/execution/introduce-build-operations

Refactor test to eliminate flakiness

Fix flakiness introduced by #10088

Change wrapper version back to 5.7 nightly

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Merge pull request #10092 from gradle/wolfs/teamcity/update-to-2019_1

Update to Teamcity DSL 2019.1

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

Update wrapper to 5.6-rc-1

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Update wrapper to 5.6-rc-1

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Publish 5.6-rc-1

Fix typo

Catch and remember connect exceptions directly in 'withConnection()' #2

See also 05019368445

Increase interaction timeout for BuildInitInteractiveIntegrationTest

In practice we observed a lot of flakiness. Increase the timeout.

Increase timeout for StaleOutputHistoryLossIntegrationTest

This is an attempt of fixing

Merge branch 'release'

Allow a file collection visitor to skip collections whose content is generated. Use this to avoid watching generated content in continuous build.

Remove unused field.

Rework visiting a `Configuration` so that its contents are treated as a sequence of collections, rather than a single monolithic collection of files. This will allow visitors such as continuous build or instant execution some finer-grained visibility into the contents of the `Configuration`.

In this commit, the collections do not carry any useful information and the granularity is per artifact, which is too fine-grained. Later commits will address this.

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Clean daemons on build agent before performance workers (#10082)

This commit inserts a script step before performance worker build to

clean all daemons.

Publish 5.6-20190728230023+0000

Merge `FileCollection.registerWatchPoints()` into `visitLeafCollections()`, so that a visitor can optionally receive the 'spec' or definition for each participant in a file collection.

This will also later be used by instant execution to serialize some file collection participants as files and some as definitions.

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Publish 5.6-20190727230026+0000