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Dogfood JUnit Platform

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Collect failures from included builds in a composite build (#4324)

Do not promote the software model as the future of Gradle in user guide (#4334)

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Merge pull request #4351 from gradle/eriwen/diagnostics/help-troubleshooting-webpage

Suggest folks invoking 'gradle help' visit

Merge pull request #4347 from gradle/wolfs/build-cache-docs-improvement

Merge non-cacheable task section with built-in support

Use a constant for displaying '--scan' option

Adjust headings to make cacheable tasks more prominent

Only up to `===` show up in the navigation.

Merge branch 'master'

Allow ArgumentProviders be passed as Test/JavaExec Jvm arguments (#4300)

* Allow ArgumentProviders be passed to Test Jvm arguments

* Make it possible to pass argument providers to JavaExec

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Suggest folks invoking 'gradle help' visit

This is for troubleshooting

Fix warning-mode description to show 'none' option correctly

Merge pull request #4337 from gradle/eriwen/core/suggest-scans-for-profiling

Recommend folks use build scans for profiling.

Rebase file repo performance test to capture performance improvements

The performance of file repositories was significantly improved

with #4323

Rebase first use performance tests

There is a small regression since a few days which we were not able to

identify yet. We rebase for now to have a stable test baseline.

Rename C++ test to mention `application` instead of `executable`

Ignore failing Xcode tests

Merge non-cacheable task section with built-in support

Fix unit test for component selection reason serialization

Make cache size and expiry configurable

The configuration is purely internal for now, and primarily aimed at making

the tests faster to execute.

Add test case for the reason serializer fix

Fixes gradle/gradle-private#1100

Merge pull request #4304 from ljacomet/issue-4086

Add new API for enabling feature previews

Fixes #4086

Update to build scan plugin 1.12 (#4330)

Reset serializer state before each read or write sequence

Before, the reset was handled internally, assuming that the serializer sees

a sequence of writes, followed by a sequence of reads. But once a read was

complete, and that another read was done on the same file, there was a

possibility to be in an inconsistent state.

To avoid this, resetting the state of the serializer is done externally,

when we know we're going to read or write a sequence of components.

Merge pull request #4288 from gradle/wolfs/rich-inputs/remove-ugliness

Improve rich inputs support

Remove inconsistent paragraph from release notes

It was referring to another section that was removed in 489653f.

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Add docs for custom reasons in dependency declarations and rules (#4335)

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Merge branch master

Use Iterators directly in BeanNode

Add SwiftCompile to list of cacheable tasks

Simplify BuildOperationTrace.