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Disable some tests with nodaemon executer

Publish 6.1-20200109000031+0000

Rebaseline performance tests again

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Rebaseline performance tests

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Download gradleApi() sources on-demand when using an IDE (#11785)

Merge pull request #11824 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/polish

Polish `:instantExecution`

Merge pull request #11708 from gradle/wolfs/binary-compat/deprecations

Upgrade to japicmp-gradle-plugin 0.2.9

Merge pull request #11772 from gradle/vv/gradle-api-sources-intellij

Populate IDEA model with gradle-api source subdirectories

Merge pull request #11804 from gradle/vv/clean-up-ssl-context-factory

Break up SslContextFactory.load into smaller methods

Rebaseline performance tests

Rebaseline JavaInstantExecutionPerformanceTest

Looking at history, there was a gradual regression.

Rebaseline it.

Remove mirror url from all build steps of mac agents

There was mirror defined in verifyTestFilesCleanup step

of mac builds, which caused some issues. Remove them.

Rebaseline performance test because of new feature used

Publish 6.1-20200108000043+0000

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release'

* origin/release:

Update to RC2

Break erroneous cycle if a component depending on itself is evicted (#11811)

Do not break 'io.freefair.aspectj' plugin (#11786)

Fix links to Javadoc

Update TC token

Update to RC2

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Publish 6.1-rc-2

Introduce `ReadContext.readNonNull` and use it to remove warnings

Simplify `isolate.owner.service` access

Bump wrapper

This should fix the IDE project reimport.

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Rename `:pineapple` to `:base-annotations` (#11820)

Rename `:pineapple` to `:base-annotations`

Break erroneous cycle if a component depending on itself is evicted (#11811)

Suppress warning about missing duplicate package-info class

Merge pull request #11697 from gradle/wolfs/empty-jar-handling

Add test for empty jar handling

Merge pull request #11704 from gradle/wolfs/nested/relocatable-closure-test

Add a test for #11703


Make `:base-annotations` carry an API dependency on JSR-305 annotations

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Rename :pineapple to :base-annotations

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Move NonNullApi annotation to :pineapple project

Retire NonNullInternalApi annotation in favor of NonNullApi.

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Upgrade to japicmp plugin 0.2.9

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