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Ignore failing continuous test for now

Fix wildcards

Fix error when include=false

Fix directory matching

Try fast patterns

Fix samples

* Typo in withSourcesJar() in one sample

* Java basic sample has issues creating javadoc with the asciidoclet

under recent java -> moved the with*Jars() include to another sample.

Issue #11140

Document source and javadoc jar for feature variants

Javadoc and source jars can be configured as well for feature variants.

This is now properly documented.

Issue #11140

Register the documentation jar tasks with assemble

This makes sure the JARs are produced when using `assemble` as expected

by this task's description.

Fixes #11140

Make sure the sources jar includes resources

Previously only java sources were archived. Now all resources are

archived as well.

This matches the default of other tools.

Issue #11140

Rename methods for javadoc and sources jar creation

The new name reflects better what happens exactly when the option is

activated on the java extension.

The publication part is only applicable when a publishing plugin is also


Issue #11140

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Update signing sample test

Follow up to #11132

Merge pull request #11132 from gradle/ljacomet/dependency-management/docs-update

Documentation updates

Revert "Correct illegal cmd lines to exec modules' main class"

This reverts commit fd96bfffb8458f2884453a3bc220dcfa6a85a5d1.

Update conditional signing documentation

Use `maven-publish` and no longer legacy `maven`

Add note about DAG based modifications of properties

State that such changes need to be controlled otherwise they may not be


Mention Predrag Knežević as contributor for the Scala work

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There can be multiple enforced platform variants for Gradle metadata

Follow up to: #11118

Add Maven and Ivy publish plugin documentation to nav bar

The pages contain important content about publishing and this

makes it easier to discover them.

Merge branch 'ldaley/-b-fixes' into release

Merge branch 'ldaley/stop-operation-notification-buffering-earlier' into release

Fix handling of “no settings” case WRT auto applied plugins and classpath

Some invocation args (e.g. -b) cause us to create two settings objects,

with the subsequent being empty.

Previously we were applying the auto

apply plugins to both, and inheriting the empty's classpath into the

rest of the build.

Now, we don't auto apply any plugins to the empty and have it inherit

the real settings script's classpath (which also makes it available to

the rest of the build tree).

Closes #11101

Restore `build-scan` plugin syntax in Kotlin scripts

Closes #11095

Revert "Pin santaTracker to older version"

This reverts commit 0d2bc805958ccba24d835d5871f57a33025936f6.

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Recognize contributor

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Remove duplicated test, this is covered by MapPropertyIntegrationTest

Merge pull request #11118 from gradle/jjohannes/platform-disambiguation

Allow regular and enforced variants of one platform to be selected together. Also, always disambiguate between them if one has to be selected.

Cleanup code in PlatformSupport

Increase cache layout version

Rename: `-enforced-platform` -> `-derived-enforced-platform`

Remove `platform` dsl from constraint handler

These shortcuts define details of a dependency like attributes,

requested capabilities and 'endorse strict' status. These things

can not be defined on constraints. So these methods only cause

inconsistent behavior.

One can use constraints in combination with platforms like this to

control platform versions:

dependencies {

api platform("org:platform")

constraints {

api "org:platform:1.0"



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