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Print system property in build log

Clean accepted API changes

Update released version to latest snapshot

Update library versions in build init to latest for 4.11

Update version to 4.11

Clean release notes and welcome message for 4.11

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Use laster nightly wrapper

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Add docs:serveDocs to serve up local copy of userguide for editing


Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lacasseio/lazy/plugin-authoring'

* origin/lacasseio/lazy/plugin-authoring:

Document how plugin authors should migrate to lazy task APIs

Verify querying the name of `TaskProvider` doesn't realize the provider

Merge pull request #6138 from gradle/oehme/init/no-warn

Allow initializing nested builds

Merge pull request #6134 from gradle/facewindu/repo-descriptors-urls-as-file

Capture URL in UrlRepositoryDescriptor as URL instead of String

Merge pull request #6104 from gradle/oehme/progress-logging/remove-verbose-headers

Remove verbose logging of downloads and JAR generation

Refactor duplicate handling to mitigate performance issues

Pass URLs as-is in RepositoryDescriptor implementations

The build scan plugin will have some logic to convert file URLs to files for better relativization.

Allow initializing nested builds

We deprecated nested builds without a settings file.

However, when calling `gradle init` there is no settings

file yet, so users would get a warning (and it would fail

in 5.0). We now detect this special case and treat it just

as if the user had specified `--no-search-upwards`.

Merge pull request #6132 from gradle/sg/lazy/relax-allprojects

Allow Project.subprojects and Project.allprojects to be called from l…

Allow Project.subprojects and Project.allprojects to be called from lazy configuration actions

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Revert "Assert no-daemon for AsciidoctorTask (#6107)"

This reverts commit 59782d82c673f68a163fb5fc7d2f892241a01646.

Fix service creation when using the `GradleBuild` task.

Temporarily rebaseline performance test until we can mitigate the problem

Capture URL in UrlRepositoryDescriptor as File if the scheme is 'file', isntead of String

This allows the build scan plugin to relativize the URL to known 'roots' as other captured files.

It looks nicer, dedupes better, and is more consistent.

Merge pull request #6055 from gradle/gh/lazy-tasks/iteration-order

Retain iteration order in domain object collections

Assert no-daemon for AsciidoctorTask (#6107)

This is a follow-up for and . We disable daemon for some builds and use this to make sure no `AsciidoctorTask` is running on daemon.

Add more source dependency test coverage.

Add some test coverage for the simplified source dependency mapping DSL.

Some test renames.

Fix broken unit tests

Remove comment pushed accidentally