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Catch exception

Publish 5.1-20190102000029+0000

Add more validation of inject annotations.

- Don't allow an inject annotation on any method of a type for which it is not relevant, e.g. `@Workspace` on a `Task` (was only applied to getters previously).

- Don't allow multiple inject annotations on the same getter (received a cryptic error message previously).

- Don't allow inject annotations on private methods, setter methods, static methods and getter methods that cannot be overridden (was applied only to `@Inject` previously).

- Don't allow inject annotations on methods of `ExtensionAware` (received a cryptic error message previously).

Mention Richard Newton in release notes

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Merge pull request #8127 from ricnewton/windows-native-unexport-main

Windows native unexport main

Re-baseline clean checkout performance test cases.

Move SymbolHider to tasks.internal

Signed-off-by: Richard Newton <>

Clean up SymbolHider code

Fix comments from pull request

Signed-off-by: Richard Newton <>

Publish 5.1-20190101000037+0000

Publish 5.1-20181231000026+0000

Re-baseline cold daemon performance test cases.

Publish 5.1-20181230000022+0000

Support unexport main symbol on 32 bit Windows

Signed-off-by: Richard Newton <>

Enable CppUnitTestWithApplicationIntegrationTest for Windows

For gradle-native issue

Signed-off-by: Richard Newton <>

Add a mechanism to register injection annotations globally and use this to validate that annotations are not attached to types where they are not supported. For example, fail when `@Workspace` is attached to a task property getter.

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Publish 5.1-20181229000026+0000

Implement a SymbolHider class to unexport main on Windows

For gradle-native Issue

Signed-off-by: Richard Newton <>

Improve diagnostics from `ExecutionResult` fixture when expected text is missing, by throwing a `ComparisonFailure` exception. IDEA will provide a diff view for this kind of exception, which makes debugging much easier.

Add `@PrimaryInput` annotation, which can be attached to a getter of an artifact transform to receive the artifact to be transformed.

Change class generation to locate services based on the annotation attached to the property getter. This means that for artifact transforms, the workspace is not available via `@Inject` and the dependencies are not available via `@Workspace`.

Extract an interface out of `ServiceRegistry` to include only the pieces needed for injection by the instantiator infrastructure. This will evolve to allow different annotations to be handled differently, but for now it simply behaves the same way as before.

Use a custom implementation of this interface for artifact transform instantiation, to avoid the cost of setting up a full mutable registry (for now).

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Publish 5.1-20181228000032+0000

Mention cygwin64 and mingw64 support in release notes

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Merge pull request #8123 from gradle/gh/stable-native/mingw64

Support for testing mingw64 on CI

Remove unnecessary method

Update user guide to reflect support for cygwin64 and mingw64

Fix google test with mingw64

Merge pull request #8122 from gradle/lacasseio/native/issue-962

Add coverage for `allprojects` hook registered inside `projectsLoaded` build listener

Add issue annotation to the test case

Remove blank lines for flaky test (#8115)