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Dump heap

Test new AGP on 5.6.3

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Limit 5.x compatibility in tests to JDK12 or older

Update deprecations view GE image

Compatibility fix for Gradle Module Metadata

This fix will enable Gradle 5.6.3 to consume Gradle Module Metadata for

-SNAPSHOT produced by Gradle 6+

Fixes #11050

Bump CI health plugin version to 0.73

Add missing - to CI config

Use dedicated user with token-based authentication to execute… (#11044)

Replace password-based authentication with token in distributed performance tests

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jjohannes/maven-artifacts-and-packaging-backport' into release-5.6

* origin/jjohannes/maven-artifacts-and-packaging-backport:

Restore behavior of pom packaging changing the main artifact extension

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ljacomet/dependency-management/embedded-kotlin-dep-fix' into release-5.6

* origin/ljacomet/dependency-management/embedded-kotlin-dep-fix:

Add missing dependency to embedded kotlin

Merge pull request #11014 from gradle/eskatos/release-5.6/kotlin-dsl

Let Kotlin DSL gracefully handle lambdas registered as extensions (5.6.3)

Fix ktlint check

Cherry pick CI config changes (#11013)

Cherry pick CI config changes

Fix performance DB URL

Add dummy samples project

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Update to 5.6.2

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Prepare for 5.6.3

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Backport test fixture improvements from 6.0 branch

Relax flaky test expectation

Add equality check in case update() is called twice for the same input

Fix code comment

Add missing hashCode() method

Add test coverage to pin down selector sorting behavior

We now rely on the selector sorting when choosing a selector

to compute override metadata. The sorting puts the most

likely used selector first.

Track 'changing' and 'client module' information for override metadata

Although these are edge cases, it leads to more consistency and makes

the behavior less dependent on order which may change unexpectedly

through internal optimisations.

Fix equals() of client module

Remove duplicated 'isKeyEquals' check

Do not expect an exact number of HEAD requests

This seems to be dependent on timing. If one request starts after

another did already finish, it can take the result from cache.

Remove unused imports

Make http server fixture's handle() thread safe

As stated in the here implemented 'ServerWithExpectations' fixture:

"handlers, as well as failures, need to be thread-safe"

This concrete case was working most of the time since usually there are

not more than one expectations for the same request. But if the

same request is expected several times, and the requests are received

in parallel (as it is the case for metadata download), the handle()

method behaved flaky - by not doing reading and updating of the 'run'

flag as an atomic operation.