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Fix incorrect task name

Publish 5.0-20181101000025+0000

Merge pull request #7582 from gradle/dd/dm/reasons-collect

Collect reasons for all executed dependency substitution rules

Merge pull request #7585 from gradle/marc/issues/7566-dsl-metadata-supports-java7

Add support for using Java 7/8 language features in public API types

Use implementation and api configurations instead of compile

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Fix Javadoc so JavaParser can find it

Avoid creating `List` if it is not actually required

Be more consistent in names related to `ComponentSelectionDescriptor`

- Use plural for method name returning `List`

- Use 'Descriptor` instead of `Description`

Merge pull request #7581 from gradle/wolfs/idea-import/checked-in-code-style

Check in Intellij code style

Simplify signing plugin by using new language features

- Use try-with-resources instead of IoActions.withResource()

- Use method references instead of Function constants

- Use lambda instead of anonymous class

Migrate Pegdown to flexmark (#7575)

This fixes

We were using Pegdown to render markdown to html, but Pegdown is already deprecated. We also see timeout frequently recently, so I think it's time to get rid of it. `flexmark` is officially recommended as Pegdown's successor.

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Use JavaParser to generate DSL metadata

We no longer have any Groovy source files that are part of the API.

Thus, support for parsing them is no longer necessary. The Java parser

that was used until now does not support Java 7 or 8 source code

features such as try-with-resources, lambdas, and method references.

Now, the JavaParser library is used which supports all of them.

Resolves #7566.

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Renamed `ComponentSelectionDescriptor.setReason()` -> `setDescription()`

Merge branch 'release'

Upgrade wrapper to latest rc

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Publish 5.0-rc-1

Ignore flaky WrapperHttpIntegrationTest on Java 10 for now

Ignore flaky test on Java 10 for now

Raise PegDown parser timeout to 10s

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Remove setting of 'requested' reason when constructing a substitution

This additional reason was not required, as it was duplicated by a later reason

composed for the dependency.

Split performance test results into two tables (#7553)

Split performance test scenarios into two tables

Publish 5.0-20181030000033+0000

Remove @ToBeImplemented from fixed test

Fix deprecations in buildSrc

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #7563 from gradle/dd/dm/reasons-refactor

Refactor collection of selection reasons

Fix forcing platform via substitution

Merge pull request #7532 from gradle/docs/annotation_processors

Minor edit to java_plugin.adoc to clarify that all annotation processors must opt into incap to support incremental compilation.

Merge pull request #7568 from gradle/wolfs/fix-wrapper-deprecations

Fix deprecation warnings in build

Fix deprecation warnings in build

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Update integTests for improved selection reasons