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Use local build-scan plugin

Add compile script build operation

Remove outdated comment

Defer setup of project model registry

Restore an internal method used by the Nebula plugins. The method is now deprecated and will be removed in Gradle 5.0.

Merge pull request #5662 from gradle/oehme/performance/remove-require-distribution

Require distribution in less integration tests

Avoid some reflection for each decorated object that is created.

Improve efficiency of `ImmutableActionSet` mutations when there are a small number of actions in the set, which is almost always the case.

Merge pull request #5675 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-dsl-0.18.1

Upgrade Kotlin DSL {0.18.0 => 0.18.1}

Merge branch 'ew/pr/5330'

Prevent JUnit Platform samples tests from running on Java 7

Fix codenarc failure

Merge branch 'pr/5654'

Merge branch 'pr/5330' from Peter Ledbrook

Merge pull request #5665 from gradle/sg/lazy/guidelines

Add unlisted chapter for task configuration avoidance

Remove old/new from cells in Old vs New comparison table

Label 'Old' as 'Instead of'

Label 'New' as 'Use'

Upgrade Kotlin DSL {0.18.0 => 0.18.1}

Rework columns/rows in old vs new API table to group things in a clear way

Rename taskConfiguration -> taskConfigurationAvoidance to follow chapter name

Address comments from review

Merge pull request #5670 from gradle/eskatos/build/kotlin-dsl-plugin-version

Remove spurious kotlin-dsl plugin version declaration

Remove spurious kotlin-dsl plugin version declaration

Signed-off-by: Paul Merlin <>

Merge pull request #5658 from gradle/guylabs/build-scan-plugin-1.14-rc1

Update build scan plugin to 1.14-rc1 version

Merge pull request #5666 from gradle/bamboo/kotlin-dsl-0.18.0

Upgrade Kotlin DSL {0.17.5 => 0.18.0}

Update Gradle wrapper in test

Upgrade Kotlin DSL {0.17.5 => 0.18.0}

Attach the configuration actions for a registered task to the provider for that task rather than adding them to the container level set of actions, and discard these actions when they have been executed.

When `TaskProvider.configure(action)` is called for a task that has already been realized, just run the action and do not register the action to receive notifications of later task realizations.

Remove some indirection from event handling in the `DomainObjectCollection` hierarchy.

Use `ImmutableActionSet` in a couple of places to take care of collecting up a sequence of actions to run rather than use some ad hoc code to do this.