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Remove experimental script template

Polish script templates

- Remove unnecessary annotation

- Keep base classes `open` in order to keep base classes honest

Migrate Kotlin DSL init script template to new scripting API

Avoid Guava when printing failure messages in messaging

Ensure `settings.gradle.kts` with `pluginManagement` block honors auto-applied plugins

Make `settings.gradle.kts` evaluation trigger auto-applied plugins

Fix error message when scan plugin doesn't not get applied with --scan

Fix test to properly fail

Init Groovy/Scala library with `java-library` plugin applied

It is now always working and recommended to apply the `java-library`

plugin when developing a library in Groovy or Scala. This allows

users to define 'api' dependencies. Before, users had to utilize

'compile' (which is now deprecated). When using 'gradle init' this new

recommendation should be reflected to avoid confusion.

This is also in line with what we do for a Kotlin library created with

'gradle init'.

Merge pull request #11198 from gradle/jjohannes/strict-dependency-constraint-fix

Support '!!' short notation in dependency constraints

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-5.6' into release

* origin/release-5.6:

Attempt to capture failure during worker process shutdown

Use Gradle 5.6.3

Prepare for 5.6.4

Fix Kotlin DSL accessor for `android.kotlinOptions`

Use `hostname` on macOS to lookup local host name

Inject hostname to OriginMetadataFactory

Let script template relay resolved `jdkHome`

Set the template classpath to a minimum

Support '!!' short notation in dependency constraints

Fix `filePathPattern` for `settings.gradle.kts`

The pattern is applied to the full path after path separators are normalized to


Remove `gradle-kotlin-dsl-extensions` from the template classpath

It is only required by scripts.

Make `URL` to `File` conversion work on Windows

By borrowing some code from Kotlin scripting internals.

Pass resolved source dependencies to the IDE

Fix deactivate locking sample (#11188)

The sample reference was wrong and it was missing an introductory text.

Fix typo in section on variants in user manual

Use Gradle 5.6.3

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Prepare for 5.6.4

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Merge pull request #11191 from gradle/bamboo/release-5.6/android-kotlin-options

Fix Kotlin DSL accessor for `android.kotlinOptions`

Use latest RC

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Move all IDE script templates to `IdeScriptTemplates.kt`

And restore `KotlinSettingsScript.kt` for binary compatibility.

Polish `ScriptApiTest`

Handle serialization for shadowed capabilities in the GMM case (#11179)

This is now done in the same way as it is done in the


for cases without GMM

Follow up to: #11118

Migrate Kotlin DSL IDE Settings script template to new API

Attempt to capture failure during worker process shutdown

Merge pull request #11171 from gradle/bamboo/release/android-kotlin-options-accessor

Introduce Kotlin plugin smoke test for Android using the Kotlin DSL