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Accept binary incompatible change to `org.gradle.api.tasks.JavaExec`

Prove cache invalidation upon changes to Gradle properties used by `buildSrc`

Merge pull request #12837 from gradle/bamboo/master/ie/fingerprint/buildSrc-inputs

Invalidate instant execution cache upon changes to `buildSrc` build logic inputs

Replace usage of Kotlin compiler utility method by public API

Improve handling of exceptions during value source instantiation

- let only `GradleException`s be thrown

- include value source type name in the exception message

Improve usability of value sources in Groovy scripts

- decorate `ProviderFactory` to get `Closure` overloads for `Action` parameters;

- display the name of the original type instead of the decorated one;

Publish 6.4-20200417164449+0000

Prove build logic inputs used by `buildSrc` are captured

And the instant execution cache is invalidated upon changes to them.

Restore instant execution cache invalidation coverage

- for Java and Groovy buildSrc source languages

Polish `InstantExecutionBuildOptionsIntegrationTest`

- More pleasant test names

Allow value sources with no parameters

Merge pull request #12805 from gradle/jjohannes/gradle-build/grouping

Clean up subproject grouping (and other things) in gradle build

Fix position of 'afterEvaluate' block

Use jdk11 instead of jdk9 in tests

Merge pull request #12817 from gradle/eskatos/kotlin/v1.3.72

Upgrade embedded Kotlin to 1.3.72

Fixed order for entires in classpath manifest files

Merge branch 'master' into eskatos/kotlin/v1.3.72

Merge pull request #12815 from gradle/bamboo/master/kotlin-dsl/psps/error-after-rename

Fix Kotlin precompiled script plugin compilation error after plugin id change

Revert "Revert "Migrate performance database to AWS MySQL""

This reverts commit df771612678c3dfeb75c66ac8de3d85fcfad760e.

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Revert "Migrate performance database to AWS MySQL"

This reverts commit 88e034c0129f6d522b9086579ae784f9bc0e9267.

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Merge pull request #11624 from gradle/vvaluckas/samples-task-args

Task with arguments sample

Migrate performance database to AWS MySQL

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Publish 6.4-20200416230040+0000

Temporarily disable performance test.

Re-add test runtime classpath normalization

Removed this by mistake as it had a misleading comment attached.

Polish `PrecompiledScriptPluginIntegrationTest`

- Improve prose by replacing `Files.move` with `File.renameTo`

- Reuse `withSettings` and `withBuildScript` for clarity

Use `SystemProperties.withSystemProperty` to guard against concurrent access

Update path to install task